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WU faculty, activists hopeful for change after Tishaura Jones inaugurated St. Louis mayor

Her plans range from criminal justice reforms to a more holistic approach to public health, impressing a variety of campus observers.

| Staff Reporter

As Republican legislators threaten funding for Missouri Medicaid expansion, WU administrators and faculty members speak out

Washington University has continued its advocacy for Medicaid expansion in Missouri, even as House republicans have attempted to restrict funds for the initiative

| Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note Episode 20: Proposed MO bill threatens protest

In this week’s episode, we explore what’s in a proposed Missouri law and what it would mean for student protesters.

| Staff Reporter

WU students drive long distances to secure COVID-19 vaccines amid St. Louis rollout

Many Washington University students, after hearing about extra vaccine doses in rural areas, have signed up on waitlists to receive them, often driving long distances.

| Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note Episode 17: Black Anthology

This year, the Edison Theater was empty on the weekend of Washington University’s annual Black Anthology production, and audiences all over the world watched BA from their laptops.

| Staff Writer

WU students participate in St. Louis city mayoral primary through voting and advocacy

Engagement of eligible voters in the St. Louis City mayoral primary was just 22.12%, with 44,538 people casting 69,607 votes using the new “approval voting” system, March 2.

| Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note Episode 13: State of the University

If you missed Chancellor Martin’s State of the University address this week, listen to our reporters break down the main takeaways.

| Staff Reporter

St. Louis struggles with communication, equity and efficiency in the COVID-19 vaccination process

As vaccination efforts accelerate throughout the country, vaccine distributors in the St. Louis region have faced a number of problems that have disrupted their ability to distribute the vaccine efficiently and equitably.

| Contributing Reporter

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