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Finals: A critique

It’s that time of the year when you start to question whether your only purpose in life is to peel yourself off of your chair in the library, slink downstairs, get coffee and repeat. However, this is not another article complaining about the drudgery of finals (even though I love complaining about the drudgery of finals).

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A little love for the Fed, a little hate on the blowhards

The Fed has recently come under intense scrutiny after it was pressured to release documents detailing where the $3.3 trillion it issued in loans went.

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A gentleman’s guide to the holidays

Devote as much energy to developing Buddha-like restraint as you would to sourcing Four Lokos before they become illegal.

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I <3 House Music

In the ever-extending blogosphere, house music reigns king. DJs are your new coolest friends. Your friend’s friends are probably also DJs. From Jersey Shore techno that’s so epic, it makes those afflicted fist pump uncontrollably and become unaccountable for their own actions, to deep Dutch beats that whip thousands into frenzies, the genre is producing this generation’s rock stars.

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Halloween: Time to let loose

Somewhere between trick-or-treating and freshman year of high school we lost our innocence. Halloween evolved from a harmless night of Hershey overdosing and the possibility that the creepy guy down the street spiked his candy, to an all-out, weekend-long booze-fest highlighted by the presence of more skin than a weekend on Miami Beach.

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All for one and one for (Adder)all

Advocating the widespread availability of prescription study drugs isn’t exactly a righteous or easy topic to tackle. The simple fact of the matter is, however, that these are the equivalent of educational steroids, and they provide an undeniable comparative advantage.

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The price of success

I sometimes wonder if I’ve sold my soul. Not to be bleak or anything, but there’s definitely more left for sale. Two weeks from now I’ll be suiting up in a shirt and tie in New York City on the Weston Career Center’s Career Trek.

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Cool ain’t so bad

Laura McGinnis is right. We should stop trying so hard to be something we’re not. That is not cool. But cool shouldn’t necessarily have such a negative connotation. Cool is not cool if you’re trying too hard. Cool is effortlessness, an understanding of grace, an understated confidence. Steve McQueen is cool. Ed Hardy is not.

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Washington University: The image crisis

Washington University is the 13th-ranked school in the country. Why does it feel like we’re the 400th most widely known school? Simply put, Wash. U. has done a terrible job with name recognition outside the U.S. Whether it’s the job market or someone’s grandmother on the East Coast, we don’t get nearly the respect that we deserve. The U.S.

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The essential guide to campus culinary improvement

Subway has moved, and now all of Mallinckrodt smells like the restaurant’s Italian herb and cheese bread. With that in mind, there are three critical changes that should be made to improve the on-campus dining experience. Think of it as a three-pronged attack on the taste buds and social interaction of hungry, thirsty and festive students.

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