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Between a rock and a hard place

Wall Street reform: Democrats want it, Republicans want it, the American people want it, and hey, the Tea Party activists even want it. Therefore, it shouldn’t be such a problem getting a strong bill through Congress, should it? Well, as they say, the devil is in the details.

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The sense of the Census

I would like to take a moment to wish you a happy belated Census Day. Okay, this holiday is not official, but merely a day that Congress and the Census Bureau decided to commemorate in order to encourage people to send in their Census forms. Here’s a shocker for those of you who know how in tune I am with politics: I haven’t managed to send in my form yet.

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Health care reform faces hurdles

Well, the dust has barely settled around the passage of health care reform, and the debate is still going strong. President Obama signed the Senate’s bill Tuesday, and the Senate is now working on the budget reconciliation package that the House of Representatives passed. Given that the Senate bill is already facing challenges on electoral and legal fronts, we are clearly not done yet, but what could possibly be next?

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Making Congress work

Over the past year, Congress has had to endure many delays to its agenda: Republican obstructionism, the miscellaneous twists in the health care debate, a “snow-pocalypse” as the media calls it, and so on. Yet, still, they seem to take just about every other week off.

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Keep politics away from the Super Bowl

Recently, quite a bit of controversy has erupted over a planned advertisement during the Super Bowl next Sunday. This ad, sponsored by Focus on the Family, a conservative pro-life interest group, features college football star Tim Tebow delivering the group’s message through the most personal of stories: that of his birth—or, rather, how his mother’s choice not to abort despite severe illness obviously paid off.

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