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Informal recruitment? It’s all Greek to me

Some fraternities and sororities hold a rush period during the fall. While 240 men and 250 women rushed last year during the formal recruitment period, about 75 chose fall rush this year. For sororities, the fall process is sharply different from the elaborately planned spring recruitment, which is run through the National Panhellenic Council. “Informal is kind of the exact opposite,” said Lucy Morlan, coordinator for chapter development. “They don’t necessarily have to hold events.”

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Traditional dorms make way for progress

All traditional freshman dorms on the South 40 will eventually be replaced by modern-style ones as a part of an ongoing process by Washington University to enhance the residential life experience. The current Rubelmann Hall, followed by Beaumont and Lee, are slated for demolition, according to Justin Carroll, assistant vice chancellor for students and dean of students.

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Global Zero: Eliminating nuclear weapons, one at a time

A far cry from a Miss America pageant, a new Washington University student group, Global Zero, has a much more modest goal: to help eliminate nuclear weapons by 2030. Global Zero is an international organization affiliated with the World Security Institute, a Washington, D.C., think tank. Backed by many prominent political and military figures, such […]

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Popular majors changing in tougher times

The recent upheaval in the economic, political and environmental situations has led to changes in the academic and career choices of Washington University students.

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