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The European split

The European Union, though perhaps unworthy of continued existence, is a substantial enough entity that its forthcoming elections ought to be looked at far more closely than is standard practice in the United States.

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Church of hate

There are many things both in centuries past and in recent years for which to criticize the Catholic Church. They range from brutal instances of warmongering slaughter during the Crusades, to complicity in the forced conversion of Eastern Orthodox Serbs in Croatia during the Holocaust, to shuffling child-raping priests between parishes so as to avoid […]

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Blackmailed into silence

Tuesday, the United States swore in a new president whose style is more remarkable than his substance. Obama won the office of the presidency not on a career of service or a refreshing gust of candor that is so atypical in politics, but through impressive showmanship and the ability to create false and undeserved hope. […]

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India’s security problem

Much has been said about the horrors India saw late last week in Mumbai, where a series of coordinated terrorist attacks and hostage takings killed at least 188 and wounded nearly 300 others. Not enough of this discussion has been about the electoral implications. Indians will, in just a few short months, decide once more […]

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Bosnia’s Predictable Demise

Last week, Clinton stooge and Dayton Accords author Richard Holbrooke wrote an alarmist editorial that has slowly been gaining international media attention, wherein he expressed great concern over the continued existence of Bosnia.

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Understanding European extremism

Typically, when speaking of European politics, Americans describe our friends on the other side of the Atlantic as being quite liberal.

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Gandhi wasn’t great

Oct. 2 was Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, an event celebrated widely both in India and around the world.

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McCain the better pick for national security

As is so often the case, the American people are being forced to choose between two poor presidential candidates, neither of whom is truly fit to hold the highest office in our nation.

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Reigning in Russia

On August 29, leaders of the South Ossetian independence movement informed members of the Western press that they would be absorbed into Russia in the near future

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Protecting pornography

As anybody who reads industry publications can tell you, it is not a good time to be in the adult entertainment business.

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