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Think before you print

When I went to pick up my printing in the Dauten lab, there was a sign on the printer telling me that by printing 22,000 sheets, we had emitted more than 400 pounds of carbon, used up almost a third of a tree and used enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for 6,500 hours. “Think before you print,” the sign exhorted. So, I am thinking, and here are my thoughts. I don’t like having to pay for printing.

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Do more by doing less

[media-credit name="Kate Oberg" align="aligncenter" width="600"][/media-credit] As the final weeks of the school year approach, many of us are entering crunch time. This crunch is not just due to exams and projects, but also due to trying to finalize summer plans. As the usual grind becomes more grinding, take a moment to think about how to free yourself from being ground down.

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I am not my GPA

If someone asked you to describe yourself, what would you say? Maybe you would say something about your major, the sports you play, your friends, family or job. I doubt you would tell them what your grade point average is. Every time you apply for a job, internship, scholarship, or graduate or medical school, hiring […]

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Washington U. sustainability woes

On Jan. 14, Chancellor Wrighton unveiled a draft of Washington University’s “Strategic Plan for Environmentally Sustainable Operations” by e-mailing each and every one of us. Rarely do we receive such e-mails. The plan is comprehensive, but may be a bit incomprehensible.

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Recognized smarts, unrecognized privilege

Oftentimes, people mention we are smart because we are at Wash. U.; we attend a university that has the privilege of selecting its students from a large group of applicants.

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Lost in translation

In my high school, the only teachers who spoke with accents were the foreign language teachers, as they were native speakers of French or Spanish. They had a slight accent but were otherwise fluent in English. At Wash. U., it is common to have non-native English speakers either as professors or teaching assistants. I remember […]

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Oral tradition alive in the classroom

For thousands of years, knowledge was handed down through oral tradition. Younger generations listened to and talked with their elders, who passed down whole books, elaborate rites, rituals and ways of life.

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Watch your step!

There is so much beauty in the world, but we are in such a rush that we pass it by. It seems that most people wish they could get from their dorms to their classes without passing through the intervening space. I used to consider the walk a waste of time that could be made only slightly more productive by calling people. From the looks of it, many students feel that way.

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Measuring a life

The Princeton Review recently ranked Washington University as fourth in a category entitled “Quality of Life.” Rice took first, followed by Bowdoin, and then Claremont McKenna. This ranking is based on students’ responses to questions about food, the campus, the local area, student interaction, friendliness and happiness. So basically, the Princeton Review aggregated all of […]

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Lower the credit cap

While most students at Washington University know how to balance their classes with their social lives, some do not. It is for these few, who against their better judgment (or lack thereof) overwork themselves that I propose that Washington University lower its credit cap per semester to 18 credit hours. It would balance a student’s […]

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