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The state of rap music

You really shouldn’t read this. I’d stop right now. Seriously, don’t go any farther. You won’t listen to me? OK, let’s see what you’re in for. Rap music has more haters than Lex Luthor. My parents and grandparents tell me that it’s just noise. The incessant and mind-numbing bass almost brings the ears to bleeding. The overload of profanity drowns out any potential meaning in the lyrics.

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The Blueprint 3 Tour

In “My First Song,” hip-hop megastar Jay-Z starts off the track with two simple questions: “Y’all wanna know why he don’t stop? Y’all wanna know why he don’t flop?” I obviously related the lyrics to the artist himself: Jay-Z has yet to stop, and he has yet to flop. I’ve been an enormous H.O.V.A. fan ever since he first taught me about big pimpin’ in fifth grade.

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Top 10 one-hit wonders of the 1990s

The one-hit wonder is an essential component of our musical childhood. When one of these classics blares through the speakers, it’s inevitable that you and your friends will scream and shout: “Oh my God, remember this song? It was my favorite forever!”

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The Top 10 R. Kelly Sex Songs

If it hasn’t been said, it needs to be said: R. Kelly is the greatest sex-song artist of our generation. In the past two decades, no musician has pushed the limits of sex-song etiquette more than Kells. He sings about the sinful. He tunes on the taboo. He belts out the business. If you ever need some music to smush to, press play on this R. Kelly playlist, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

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The Blueprint 3 | Jay-Z

Jay-Z attempts to continue his reign as one of the best in the rap genre with the release of his 11th solo album, “The Blueprint 3.” While his newest album is undoubtedly superior to that of most other rappers’, it is also one of his weakest. Let’s check into some of the more notable tracks, as some of them further cement Jay-Z’s greatness while others take him down a notch.

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In Defense of…Nintendo 64 over every other gaming system

I have played every popular console in the United States, but my favorite was always the Nintendo 64. Sure, everyone loved it for its first few years of existence before the new millennium, but I defend to this day that the N64 is still a game system superior to any kind created before or after its birth.

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Secret Machines | The Secret Machines

The Secret Machines released their third album with the desire to revolutionize rock with their fresh, psychedelic tunes and non-conformist attitude. One problem: only half of the revolution succeeds.

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Life after discovering “SideReel”

I was born during the sunrise of June 9, 1989. I took my first steps on Aug. 3, 1990. I received my first legitimately romantic kiss behind the playground transformer on March 29, 2001. I evolved from childhood to adulthood after my Bar Mitzvah on June 15, 2002. All of these moments dramatically altered my life and molded the person that I am today, yet one more major milestone seems forgotten, and that is the day I discovered SideReel. On that glorious morning of Aug. 21 earlier this year, my life changed forever. Let me take you back.

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