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Webfood: Online orders for DUC food available this fall

Starting this fall, students will have the option to pre-order certain menu items online and pick up their items at the Danforth University Center at no additional cost.

| Staff Reporter

Free music service ended, no plans for replacement yet

Ruckus, the legal downloading service available free to college students, shut down without warning last week, leaving the University to find a new legal source of music downloads for students. The music service folded on Friday, Feb. 6, fewer than two years after Washington University signed a contract with it in the fall 2006 semester. […]

| Staff Reporter

Structure may reduce social anxiety symptoms

Thinking about past social failures can be less painful in a structured setting for some social phobia sufferers, according to a recent Washington University study that examined current practices in cognitive psychology. The work addressed a psychological problem that can be especially acute during the college years, when people are exposed to new social situations […]

| Staff Reporter

Getting lost in a book is not as hard as it seems

When people feel like the novel they are reading is actually happening to them, they’re not actually that far from the truth, according to a new brain-imaging study. The study, co-authored by Washington University scientist Jeffery Zacks, director of the Dynamic Cognition Laboratory, shows that when people read narratives, brain regions that process the same […]

| Staff Reporter

Research center to open new energy neutral building

A new building under construction at Washington University will use zero net energy and water through photovoltaic cells, rain capture and composting toilets—meeting standards even more stringent than LEED Platinum.

| Staff Reporter

Scientists look to Obama to revive stem cell funding

Washington University scientists are expecting increases in funding for human embryonic stem cell research under President-elect Barack Obama’s incoming administration, a change that could foster more prolific research in curing human diseases. While little is known about how or when stem cell policy will change, researchers at the University are ready and waiting for federal […]

WU genomics class expands to other schools

A Washington University initiative is providing universities and colleges nationwide with a research-based student curriculum in genomics. A collaborative effort led by Sarah Elgin, professor of biology and education who also teaches genetics at the School of Medicine, the Genomics Education Partnership (GEP) has found that its research-based genomics class is as effective at teaching […]

| Staff Reporter

Love Google Earth? So do WU faculty

While students may use Google Earth to look at their hometowns or vacation spots, the Washington University faculty employs the program in research for anthropology, ecology, public health and geology—just to name a few disciplines.

| Contributing Reporter

Dance for the Cure: Tango improves Parkinson’s, study says

For 10 weeks, Washington University students were able to conduct medical research by dancing. They were participating in a Washington University School of Medicine project testing if 10 weeks of tango lessons can improve Parkinson’s disease symptoms involving balance and mobility better than regular exercise could.

| Contributing Reporter

WU law clinic forces change to EPA lead rules

The Environmental Protection Agency set new standards for airborne lead levels on Oct. 15 following legal action of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic at Washington University, on behalf of the Missouri town of Herculaneum. The Missouri Coalition for the Environment requested that the clinic (IEC) represent it in the case against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) […]

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