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Update from the Student Union Treasury Meeting

Student Union (SU) Treasury’s weekly meeting on Jan. 24 heard appeals from a variety of clubs, including an appeal SU rejected from SAILWashU to attend a conference.

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Disney’s “Andor” is Nerd TV at its Finest

Last week, season one of Disney’s “Andor” ended. Earlier this year, I reviewed the “Game of Thrones” prequel “House of the Dragon” (HotD).

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SU Treasury approves over 11 thousand dollars for conservative commentator Amala Ekpunobi to speak on campus

Student Union Treasury approved an $11,208.95 budget to fund Amala Ekpunobi, a conservative commentator, to speak at a College Republicans (CR) event titled “Why I Left the Left,” Nov. 15.

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The NFL and my conscience

What happened to Tagovailoa is emblematic of the NFL — turning a blind eye to the real impacts of football while continuing to promote the glitz and glam of a violent game. All the rule changes and statements about player safety are just a ruse. A ruse to get people like me to keep watching.

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Guest speakers discuss the need to hold truthful political discussions

Three Conservative public thinkers spoke about the “Assault on Truth” in American politics and how to address it, Oct. 19.

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A breakdown of fall WILD’s cancellation

The University’s semiannual concert, Walk In Lay Down (WILD), was canceled this semester following concerns over student safety at the event and the administration’s inability to find a solution for a late-in-the-game attendee capacity restriction from the University’s Emergency Management (EM) department.

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WUPD attempts to combat rising Kia thefts tied to Tik Tok trend

The Kia Boyz Tiktok trend, which demonstrates how to steal a Kia or Hyundai in a matter of minutes, took hold over the summer. The Washington University Police Department (WUPD) Chief Angela Coonce believes that the trend has led to three cars being stolen from WashU students living off campus since the start of this academic year.

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Students gather for 9/11 memorial one year after controversy

Following the 9/11 controversy that swept campus last year, the Washington University College Republicans (WUCR) hosted a flag planting event to honor the 2,977 victims of the terrorist attack. The club advertised it as a nonpartisan event open for all community members to participate in.

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House of Dragons: Gore, Sex, and Family Drama

When HBO announced a GoT Prequel House of the Dragon (HotD), which premiered on August 21, I was skeptical. The prequel takes place 300 years before the first season — but how would it avoid the problems that occurred at the end of GoT? What would make HotD a success, when the ending of GoT failed?

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