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‘Dexter’: Killer Instincts

Imagine that your friendly next-door neighbor is a nice, quiet man who works in the police department, has a wife and kids…and also happens to be a serial killer? Although it’s frightening to believe such things are possible, this is the premise of the extremely popular Showtime series “Dexter.”

| Cadenza Reporter

‘True Blood’: Preparing you for the season finale

Following an extremely successful viral marketing campaign, the second season of “True Blood” premiered on June 14 to a staggering rating of 3.7 million viewers. This premiere was the most watched program on HBO since “The Sopranos” finale two years ago.

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Life after the OC

There were strict rules: no talking, no phone calls, no chewing loudly and no interruptions of any sort. I took these rules very seriously and made sure that others were aware of the rules as well, since I had developed them. The rules, you may be wondering, applied to my favorite hour of television from […]

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