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What’s in a name?

I am a feminist. If you’re still reading, that’s something. You’ve gotten past a pretty vocal, villainous set of caricatures—and, trust me, I know they can be an intimidating bunch. But I’ve invited them into my column on purpose, because it is Feminism Awareness Week, and I need them here—loud, angry, whining, stigmatized and exaggerated.

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It’s okay, Wash. U.: Ivy Leaguers aren’t attractive anyway

As a St. Louis native, I didn’t have the prototypical senior year “Washington… as in Seattle?” experience. However, thanks to the insights of Society members such as Georgetown alum Ben Pike (he wants girls who are smart and pretty), I think I am finally catching on to the subtleties of collegiate rankings: evolution.

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Artificial distance between the grades prevents students from establishing meaningful mentorships

If I’ve learned anything at Wash. U., it’s that the casual advice, the kind you don’t even know you need, is often also the most valuable.

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