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‘I be on my suit and tie’: Chancellor Wrighton’s style evolution

Mark Wrighton’s taste in fashion and style have remained rock-solid throughout all these years, as you will see from these carefully sourced pictures of Wrighton dug up out of the Student Life photo archives.

| Staff Writer

Testing laptops and phones as stress-reducing aids through SHS’s new program

One scene writer test’s out the Therapy Assisted Online (TAO) app, a new service by Wash. U.’s Student Health Service.

| Staff Writer

Coffee and bikes actually go really well together

It was 7 a.m., and I was running on exactly zero hours of rest when I set out to fight the sleep with a freshly made cup of joe at Cursed Bikes and Coffee

| Staff Writer

Study 101: Smart not hard

How do you really study efficiently and create a balanced schedule so that you don’t burn out?

| Contributing Writer

‘Oh My My’: Is OneRepublic in the middle of an identity crisis?

OneRepublic’s latest album “Oh My My,” which released worldwide on Oct. 7, boasts an eclectic selection of tracks in its over-an-hour-long series of varied tunes that don’t really conform to any particular genre. Unlike their other albums, which were a clear fusion of pop and rock with a distinctive touch that stood out among others, this album feels like a potpourri of styles, heavily leaning toward new age music.

| Staff Writer

Around the apartment in 60 minutes: Escape the Room combines teamwork and brainwork to create a unique game experience

Last Thursday evening, Congress of the South 40 organized a trip to Escape the Room, an interactive adventure game in downtown St. Louis.

| Culture Editor

Health Hacks Timeline

It is National Nutrition Month! Time to put away those chips and pizzas and chocolates, and get healthy. Don’t know where to start? Worry not, this Health Hacks Timeline has some good ideas for healthy swaps that can get you through the day.

| Culture Editor

Student Health Services launches casual, easily accessible counseling service

In an effort to make mental health resources more accessible to full time students on campus, Washington University’s Student Health Services is launching a new, free, casual counseling service titled Let’s Talk on March 9.

| Contributing Reporter

A high-energy ‘journey home’: Lunar New Year Festival wows crowd

To all those who attended Lunar New Year Festival (LNYF) last weekend: I am sure you would understand why this show amazed me at every single step. To those who didn’t: I am sorry you missed out on the chance to watch such a high-energy, vibrant cultural showcase. I hope that by reading this you vicariously feel the thrill of the performance.

| Staff Writer

WU website updated for simplicity, user-friendliness

In an effort to freshen and modernize the user interface, Washington University launched its newly redesigned website on Monday. Vice chancellor for public affairs Jill Friedman told Student Life that the new website is meant to achieve an intuitive, user-friendly experience that repositions the focus toward the people.

| Contributing Reporter

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