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Underpass spray-painted with anti-SU, pro-trans speech

Spray-painted graffiti near the South 40 criticized Student Union (SU) for SU Treasury’s vote to bring in a conservative speaker, who many view as anti-trans, to speak on campus, Dec. 5.

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Gaggl relaunches at WashU for students to find a new way to connect

Gaggl, an anonymous social networking app, relaunched at WashU on October 12th to help students pursue both romantic and platonic “missed connections.”

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“Sexual Political Economies of Slavery and Abortion” Lecture

Professor Adrienne Davis speaking in her lecture. Screenshot courtesy of Chloe Carlish*   As part of the new “Politics of Reproduction” course, law professor Dr. Adrienne Davis led a guest lecture, “Sexual Political Economies of Slavery and Abortion,” on Sept. 19. In the lecture, Davis draws comparisons between antebellum fugitive slave laws that allowed for […]

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