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“Goin’ Pro: The Journey Home”: The Professionals Behind the Amateurs A cappella

From the opening song to the final encore, the Amateurs A cappella on April 8 stirred up a performance that proves that the group is anything but amateur at singing. 

| Senior Scene Editor

Master Minds: A podcast grown amidst quarantine 

Mishka Narasimhan and Will Leidig started the podcast Master Minds to spotlight leading medical professionals and scientists, educating students and young adults about current healthcare policies. 

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Mission Possible: The story behind Dr. Tae Seok Moon’s research into waste-eating bacteria

The main goal of Moon’s research is to harness bacteria to “eat” plastic and waste, synthetically developing microorganisms that can clean pollutants and pathogens. This would reduce carbon emission levels by eliminating the need for incinerators and other carbon-emitting disposals. 

| Contributing Writer

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