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The Lady Killer | Cee Lo Green

Gnarls Barkley vocalist Cee Lo Green’s late summer hit, “F**k You,” is without a doubt the best pop song of the year, with its constant incredible hooks complimented by soul and funk styles, and, of course, one of the best voices to ever be heard on the radio. The same can’t exactly be said about the rest of the album, sadly.

| Cadenza Reporter

‘Punk Goes Pop, Volume 3’ | Various Artists

If you’ve ever felt like it takes absolutely no talent to get a song on the radio these days, then you can probably imagine how little talent it takes for some nobody punk band to cover a recent pop song. Though the musical quality of pop songs can be argued, “Punk Goes Pop, Vol. 3” seems to lose everything good about them.

| Cadenza Reporter

Energy plan aims for emissions at 1990 levels

A plan outlining Washington University’s aspirations for reducing energy use has largely been met with skepticism on campus.
The “Energy Reduction Committee Report” describes the university’s findings regarding past energy use, and specifically defines its goals for future reduction set forth in the Strategic Plan for Environmentally Sustainable Operations.

| Contributing Reporter

‘Illuminaudio’ | Chiodos

Simply put, the facial reconstruction surgery that the Davison, Michigan-based “Chiodos” underwent with the replacement of lead vocalist Craig Owens created a better, stronger, godlike monster of a post-hardcore outfit.

| Cadenza Reporter

‘Glory’ | Flashbulb Fires

From a quick glance at the cover of “Glory,” the debut release from Denver-based indie-pop band Flashbulb Fires, any music lover bored to death of the allegedly artsy genre will immediately see the light.

| Cadenza Reporter

‘A Thousand Suns’ | Linkin Park

An apocalyptic end is not just the subject of Linkin Park’s fourth studio album, “A Thousand Suns,” but also its result, pushing the band off the rock stage forever.

| Cadenza Reporter

‘Symptoms + Cures’ | Comeback Kid

The cover of Canadian hardcore outfit “Comeback Kid’s” new album shows a figure diving headfirst into a mysterious pit of darkness. That’s a pretty accurate depiction of how it feels listening to “Symptoms + Cures’” thrashing, edgy guitars, lively drums and manic vocals.

| Cadenza Reporter

Freshmen housed in substance-free sophomore dorm

For the first time, former sophomore dorm Rutledge House is full of freshmen. Even though Residential Life (ResLife) intended to close the building before the start this semester, it remains in use as a fully substance-free freshman building because of the large size of the freshman class.

| Contributing Reporter

Wrighton remains confident despite drop in rankings

Though Washington University in St. Louis dropped one step in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best National Universities rankings, Chancellor Mark Wrighton remains confident in the University’s quality of education and community. Before the new report was released, Wash.U. was ranked 12th, but in the newest report, it was moved to 13th.

| News Reporters

Students support proposed Bar and Grill

Students may now have a place to enjoy late night programming and deep fried food on campus. This summer, Student Union proposed adding a bar and grill in the basement of Umrath Hall, where Subway used to reside. “Students approached us last year about getting a bar on campus,” Student Union President Morgan DeBaun said.

| News Reporters

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