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A Ban on Water Bottles: A Way to Bolster the University’s Image

Lately, I am always thirsty. Always! I could not figure out why until I realized that the bottled water I had purchased continuously throughout my day had disappeared. At first I was just confused. Where did all the water bottles go? Then I learned the simple explanation: The University banned water bottles in an effort […]

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The pursuit of wealth

The other night, while I was changing channels trying to find something to watch, I noticed that “The Pursuit of Happyness” was playing. Despite my adoration for both Will Smith and his son in this film, there’s something that always bothers me—why isn’t the film called “The Pursuit of Wealth”?

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Are We The Blackout Generation?

You wake up Sunday morning, roll out of bed, and drag yourself to the nearest brunch. While you wait in line, you run into friends and discuss the previous night. Or you stand there anxiously, stomach grumbling, waiting for a chocolate chip pancake, and overhear the person behind you: “I was so drunk last night,” or “my night’s kind’ve a blur,” or even, “I blacked out.

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Striking a balance between achievement and life experience

Another year ending and another beginning breeds an abundance of New Year’s “resolutions”: to be healthier, to be happier, to work harder in school. I made a resolution as well, though an atypical one. I watched the ball drop and concluded that I would commit more of myself to my social life. My decision, made in the midst of popped champagne bottles and elated cheers, was impulsive but seemed sufficient at the time.

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