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To the girls convinced his phone is broken: Time for a reality check

Why didn’t he call me last night? Maybe my phone’s broken—should I check my Facebook inbox again? Maybe his phone’s broken? Should I call him? I could send him a friendly text. Did he call you? What do you think, should I call him? I’m over him! He doesn’t deserve me! But I thought we had such a great time!”

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Breaking distorted mirrors as Fat Talk Free Week comes to a close

Fat Talk Free Week is almost over. My question: What happens next week? Will the students who pledged to abandon “fat talk” for seven days return to their old ways, criticizing their inevitably imperfect bodies and finding flaws in every pound and tight fit? I can’t help but think that the pressures of our college lifestyles will force “fat talk” back into daily dialogue. The student group Reflections, which introduced Fat Talk Free Week to Washington University, is a positive force on campus. However, as a visible resource at Wash. U. working to raise eating disorder awareness, the group is alone.

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The push for a campus free of construction

My alarm clock is on hiatus. At 8:15 every morning, I am woken by the sporadic crack and bang of loud hammering outside my window. Upon moving back to school, I was unprepared for the abrupt nature of these early mornings. One at a time, my suitemates and I emerged from our rooms in search of the cause of the knocking.

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