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Sarah Vowell entertains with humor, history

“It’s a nice church; hopefully I won’t burst into flames,” Sarah Vowell said to a crowd of more than 200 upon taking the Graham Chapel stage Monday night.

| Contributing Reporter

Juveniles arrested for theft from McDonnell

Two juveniles were arrested on Thursday last week after Washington University Police Department followed up on a complaint of laptop theft. Ten minutes before the arrest, a victim arrived in her office in McDonnell Hall to see one of the male suspects holding her personal laptop.

Gym Class Heroes perform for an ecstatic crowd

It might not have been Woodstock, but one lucky Washington University student got kicked in the face by a Gym Class Hero. The scene was chaotic. A small mosh pit formed when Gym Class Heroes took the stage, and for the majority of the show, a mixed crowd of questionably sober students waved their hands back and forth in unison to the music.

2012 job market looks slightly better for WUSTL students

Students’ job prospects are improving from previous years, Director of Career Planning & Placement Mark Smith said. “When I look at things like on-campus interviews, number of interviews, all that good stuff, it looks slightly higher than last year,” Smith said.

| Staff Reporter

IAS offers new Eurasian studies concentration

A new Eurasian Studies concentration for the International and Area Studies (IAS) major will allow students to study the culture and society of Eurasia. Students in the concentration will take a core course, Ancient Eurasia and the New Silk Roads, to lay the foundation for future studies. Administrators hope that the new concentration will fill a void in the major.

| Staff Reporter

Bon Appétit introduces new, humane animal welfare policy

Bon Appétit, Washington University’s food service provider, has announced a new, comprehensive animal welfare policy to be implemented by 2015. The policy includes four core changes. All pork, currently 3 million pounds annually, must use higher-welfare group housing systems instead of gestation crate confinement systems.

| Staff Reporter

New contraception policy could affect college health care

As the Obama administration stands by legislation that would make contraception available and free under most health insurance plans, it remains to be seen whether it will make birth control more accessible and affordable for college students.

| Staff Reporter

Students offer input at forum discussing next dean of Arts & Sciences

The search for the next dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, a position formerly held by the late James E. McLeod, continued Wednesday afternoon with an open student forum in the Ann W. Olin Women’s Building. The search committee for the new dean held the forum to learn who students wanted to lead the school.

| Staff Reporter

Board of Trustees approves another 1 percent increase in endowment spending

The Washington University board of trustees has approved an additional one percent spending from the endowment, effective July 1. This increase, approved at the board’s meeting last week, follows an increase of the same size last year. Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton said he hopes endowment spending will continue to grow in years to come.

| News Staff

With new focus on internships, Career Center hopes students succeed in job market

Washington University’s Career Center has stepped up its efforts to help students obtain the jobs they want. This initiative is a reaction to students’ worries about finding jobs in the current economic climate.

| Contributing Reporter

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