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‘The Michael J. Fox Show’: Harping on heartwarming, with fewer laughs

When: Thursdays, 8:30 pm Channel: NBC [rating stars="3"] Does this sound familiar? Mike Henry is a former newscaster who went off the air when his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease started getting in the way. For the past five years, he’s spent a lot of time with his family off the air, but now he’s ready to return to television.

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“666 Park Avenue” adds horror and highrises to ABC Sunday nights

I’m not entirely sure if I will end up wanting to take up a permanent residence at The Drake, but I certainly am intrigued to see what happens next week on ABC’s “666 Park Avenue.” If you missed the first episode, and you’re interested in watching it, stop reading now and come back afterward.

| television editor

A cappella 101: The Pikers, tomfoolery in time to music

Welcome to A cappella 101, a new feature in Cadenza in which we get to know one of the many a cappella groups on campus. The Pikers have been gracing our ears with songs and our eyes with shenanigans since 1985. One of two all-male a cappella groups at Wash. U.

Introducing: Professor Peter Benson

He wakes up in the morning in an old tenement house, gets up and joins the other workers. After taking it out of the curing barn, he packages the dark aromatic tobacco into bales. In the early afternoon, once the morning dew has dissipated, he harvests the green, freshly grown tobacco in the fields, and then moves it to the curing barn for the new batch to dry.

Review: ‘Betty White’s Off Their Rockers’ off its mark

What do you get when you replace Ashton Kutcher in “Punk’d” with Betty White, his band of non-famous actors with even older non-famous actors, and celebrities with young people? You get “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers,” the new reality show on NBC that attempts to take “Punk’d” to a whole new level.

John Legend coming to campus to speak on education

While some other celebrities such as Al Gore and Sofia Vergara have cancelled their speaking engagements at Washington University, two high-profile speakers will be on campus this week. One of them, singer-songwriter and nine-time Grammy Award winner John Legend, will be speaking and singing in Graham Chapel this Friday, April 6, at 7 p.m.

Hadag Nachash

Tomorrow, Hadag Nachash will arrive all the way from Israel to play a free concert at The Pageant. Although you may not have heard of them, Hadag Nachash—which literally means “The Snake Fish” in Hebrew—is one of the most popular, well-known bands in Israel.

| Cadenza Reporter

The Academy Awards Liveblogged!

5:05: Hey y’all! Georgie Morvis here checking in to liveblog the Oscars! Watch with me on ABC. For those of you on WashU campus, it’s on channel 3-1 (or 16 for non-HD). They start at six, so I’ll be back then, joined by Alieza Schvimer. 6:04: Project Runway hosts are hosting the Red Carpet coverage […]

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Introducing: Professor Joseph Loewenstein

When you think “research,” you probably imagine a bunch of students in long white coats mixing substances in test tubes. When English professor Joseph Loewenstein thinks “research,” it’s a little different.

| Scene Reporter

Introducing: Professor William Wallace

Not only is he an expert on Michelangelo, but he can also do a mean handstand. If you’ve ever set foot in the art school, odds are you know exactly whom I’m talking about: art history professor William Wallace. “Professors are show offs,” Wallace chuckled. “The handstand is part of being a show off.

| Scene Reporter

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