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IAS major facing changes

The International and Area Studies program is undergoing an internal review and potentially faces significant changes to its structure and requirements.
New ideas for the department include adding a larger research component, developing a methodology class and revamping the requirements.

SU to decide how to allocate extra funds

Developing a new Bar and Grill and hiring a Technology Coordinator are at the top of the list of how Student Union plans to spend extra money from the large-sized freshman class.

| Contributing Reporter

WU professor speaks to US Senate

On September 22, Washington University political science Professor Steven Smith testified in front of the US Senate’s Committee on Rules and Administration regarding his thoughts on the Senate’s current filibuster rules, and Iowa Senator Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) proposed reform.

| Contributing Editor

Olin wins grant for program in Israel

The Olin Business School has won a grant supporting the creation of a new study-abroad program in Israel. The business school will send students to attend classes at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel and have them intern at Israeli companies.

| Contributing Reporter

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