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Students gather for 9/11 memorial one year after controversy

Following the 9/11 controversy that swept campus last year, the Washington University College Republicans (WUCR) hosted a flag planting event to honor the 2,977 victims of the terrorist attack. The club advertised it as a nonpartisan event open for all community members to participate in.

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Monkeypox: What is it and what are the University’s plans? 

As monkeypox outbreaks continue to spread throughout the country, Washington University’s medical professionals and administrators are preparing for potential infection on campus. 

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Review of WU Expungement Policy Reveals Stricter Standards on Cheating than Sexual Assault  

The University’s expungement policy has left some Washington University students conflicted, both lauding its advancements in restorative justice, but concerned about its stance on sexual assault and other violations. 

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Booster shot remains strongly recommended, new COVID housing policies for fall

This year, the Habif Health and Wellness Center at Washington University continues to strongly recommend the booster. At the same time, Washington University is loosening COVID-19 quarantine and isolation policies. 

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