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African Film Festival continues its mission in its 12th edition

In its twelve-year run, the African Film Festival has carved out an important place in the St. Louis’ and Washington University’s film scenes. This year, the festival will continue its traditional three-day programming of contemporary African films starting March 31.

| Staff Writer

Watch whiteness work in HBO’s new drama ‘Big Little Lies’

Based on a novel by Liane Moriarty, “Big Little Lies” centers around the lives of three mothers from the wealthy town of Monterey, Calif., whose common denominator is that their children are all attending first grade together.

| Film Editor

Who asked for a TV show about the 2016 elections? And other concerns

Last month, Ryan Murphy announced that the upcoming season of the television anthology “American Horror Story” will be election-themed. That is, this time around the horror will be about the 2016 United States presidential election. The news came less than a month after Donald Trump took office.

| Film Editor

A superstar in disguise: Rapper Noname hits St. Louis stage

Noname is her own kind of superstar. The absence of glitz and flare onstage is replaced by a refreshing, laidback comfort that the rapper exudes in her music, her presence and her audience.

| Film Editor

Do we need more live-action films? And other concerns

Let’s whine about live-action features.

| Film Editor

‘Wildcats everywhere’: Which High School Musical was the best?

Disney announced that it’s making “High School Musical 4,” to be released in 2018, but Cadenza simply cannot wait until then to express our Wildcat fever. To pass the time, we’ve been arguing amongst ourselves about which “High School Musical” is the best and why:

, and | Student Life Editors

Welcome to the age of peak TV: Is there any room left for quality shows?

Are we reaching a boiling point in which the television market is saturated?

| Film Editor

How to talk about the Oscars without watching any film

If you make the calculations, you would need to dedicate approximately 4,952 minutes to watch almost all films nominated for an Academy Award this year. Luckily, you do not need to waste your time watching these films because I have created a thorough guide on how to successfully navigate conversations about the Oscars.

| Film Editor

Norwegian teen drama ‘Skam’ will be your next TV obsession

The internet works in cruel ways, such as the one time it forced me to obsess over a Scandinavian teen drama on the eve of finals week.

| Film Editor

Troye Sivan and the modern teenage liberation

assive lines outside The Pageant awaited Troye Sivan on Halloween. As it was a special night, people were dressed up in their costumes.

| Film Editor

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