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Students lined up more than two hours before doors even opened in order to vie for the best seats for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s hitRECord event at Graham Chapel. Gordon-Levitt, a long-time indie actor, achieved fame through more mainstream Hollywood movies such as “10 Things I Hate About You,” “(500) Days of Summer,” “Inception” and his latest release, “50/50.

| Student Life Staff

Joseph Gordon-Levitt grabs his guitar in Graham Chapel

Joseph Gordon-Levitt sings “Words We’re Wailing” at hitRECord WashU in Graham Chapel on Tuesday, October 25, 2011. Joseph Gordon-Levitt sings “Any Day Now” by Sam Cooke

| Student Life Staff

Pottermore is casting a spell with its original and interactive content

The first day that Pottermore offered the Magical Quill Challenge, I missed the clue and the opportunity to get a beta invite by two hours. Distraught that I would miss the opportunity to join Pottermore before everyone else, I stayed up until 4 a.m. the following day to wait for the clue to appear and grab my invite.

| Managing Editor

Seoul Taco introduces Korean fusion to St. Louis

For those who didn’t grow up in a large city, it’s completely understandable not to have heard of Korean food served in a tortilla. But St. Louis native David Choi is trying to change that, one taco at a time. Choi and his business partner Andy Heck are the owners of the Seoul Taco food truck, which serves traditional Korean food with a Mexican twist.

| Managing Editor

SU Treasury approves funding for Legend, Vergara and Chua

Student Union Treasury voted to allocate $105,569 to bring John Legend, Sofia Vergara and Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School and author of “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”, to campus in a meeting flooded by about 100 students Tuesday night.

| Student Life Editors

SU Treasury funds John Legend, Sofia Vergara, Amy Chua in front of a packed, emotional audience

Student Union Treasury voted to allocate $105,569 to bring musician John Legend, actress Sofia Vergara and law professor Amy Chua to campus in a meeting flooded by over 100 students Tuesday night. Seven appeals were not funded, including ones for Sanjay Gupta, Garry Kasparov and Ashley Judd. SU Treasury also rejected appeals for Djimon Hounsou, […]

Calls to EST during W.I.L.D. lower than last year

The number and severity of alcohol-related incidents during W.I.L.D. on Friday were lower than last fall’s concert. Many students had speculated that since W.I.L.D. was being held earlier than usual this year, and freshmen access to fraternity houses has been limited, the lack of experience with drinking would lead to an increase in alcohol-related incidents.

| Managing Editor

Panel recounts University life after 9/11

Although the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks caused no big policy changes on campus, they did result in a number of small changes, according to a panel of University faculty and administrators. “Remembering 9/11 at Washington University: A Panel Discussion” was organized by Dr. Heidi Kolk and hosted by the American Culture Studies (AMCS) department.

| Managing Editor

Renovations give fresh face to campus

Students returning to Washington University this fall will find a number of changes on campus, due to both completed and ongoing construction projects. One new building, Green Hall, is almost complete. Renovation projects have been completed on several buildings, and the University has started to renovate Umrath Hall.

| Managing Editor

University expands study abroad options in Shanghai

Starting in fall 2010, Washington University will launch a new fall and spring study abroad program in Shanghai run entirely by Washington University faculty.

| News Editor

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