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Student Union passes 2012-13 budget after four hour meeting

Following four hours of discussion, a joint session of Student Union Senate and Treasury approved the general budget for the 2012-13 school year. Senate voted 14 in favor and 1 against while Treasury voted 10 in favor and 3 against.


“Game of Thrones” DVD special features dazzle

Critically acclaimed HBO series “Game of Thrones” debuted last year and wrapped up its first season in June of 2011. On March 6, 2012, eight months after the finale, HBO released the entire first season on DVD. The upcoming season is starting on April 1st , so you have just enough time to catch up before the season two premiere.

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Amy Chua, ‘Tiger Mother,’ shows her true stripes

“Much of the intense reaction to my book has been based on a misunderstanding,” Amy Chua, author of the controversial book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” told a full house in Graham Chapel. “I never approved that headline, and I never saw it until I opened up the Sunday headline and saw it for the first time. And, in fact, I don’t agree with [it].

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Stepping Out: Salt

Several months ago, a friend of mine called me up late one evening for a dinner suggestion. Salt was at the top of my list of recommendations because it’s suitable for so many different occasions. Salt is the perfect restaurant for a date night, dinner when the family is visiting, or just for a nice evening with friends.

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Insider tips on going to Delmar

If you’re driving and are having trouble finding somewhere to park, there’s a parking lot on North Campus, which is right behind the Pageant. It almost always has spots because few non-Wash. U. people know to park there.

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Video: How to raise a dragon show

What does it take to put on a big cultural show such as Lunar New Year Festival? Student Life goes behind the scenes to talk with directors and performers in this year’s show.

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15 Minutes with Wong Fu Productions

Wong Fu Productions came to campus Saturday night for an event hosted by Asian American Association. Student Life Managing Editor Alan Liu had a chance to chat with Philip Wang, Ted Fu and Wesley Chan for 15 minutes before the event. Student Life: Wong Fu started out doing these college lip-syncing videos and now you’ve really grown and expanded.

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Wong Fu Productions entertains crowd with stories and videos

College Hall was packed with over 300 students on Saturday night waiting to hear Wong Fu Productions, a team of three young independent filmmakers, speak about their experiences in filmmaking and new media. Students lined up more than an hour before doors opened to get seats for the event, which was sponsored by the Asian American Association (AAA).

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Wash. U. selected as backup site for 2012 Presidential Debates

Wash. U. has been selected as the backup site for the presidential and vice presidential debates during the 2012 general election, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced earlier today.

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‘Puss in Boots’

Puss in Boots (voiced by Antonio Banderas) only needed one long stare with his large marble cat eyes in “Shrek 2” to attract a legion of fans. After a one-year hiatus from the “Shrek” films, he makes his return in spin-off movie “Puss in Boots,” which is sure to increase his following.

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