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The Megaupload mess

Dozens of New Zealand police officers stormed Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom’s Auckland mansion on Sunday. The many officers, backed by helicopters, broke through a series of electronic locks in order to arrest a pistol-wielding Dotcom. Immediately following the arrest, U.S.

| Staff Columnist

Limited printing plan: not worth it

All signs seem to indicate that the printing restrictions on campus are a resounding success. Student printing has been reduced by 40 percent in just the first month of the plan, and as a result, students are wasting less paper. The first part of that sentence is true; the latter is a leap of logic.

| Forum Editor

Cluster &@(#ed(The cluster needs to go)

I have no problem with the cluster system in theory. It ensures that our curriculum is at least somewhat balanced without forcing students into specific “core” classes that half are bound to hate. It supports depth through related courses and encourages students to explore intellectual areas outside of their comfort zones. It sounds great, and it is great—for some.

| Forum Editor

E-Currency and the future of anonymity

A new form of digital peer-to-peer currency has quickly gained traction on the Internet. It is “Bitcoins,” a form of money that exists wholly in cyberspace, with no centralized issuing authority. Like most standard currencies, Bitcoins operates through an exchange and can be used wherever the currency is deemed legitimate.

| Forum Editor

Apple: Business as usual

On Jan. 17, Steve Jobs announced a medical leave of absence, just months after a taxing liver transplant in early January. Jobs’ reprieve reflects the multiple operations that the CEO has undergone over the past several years, beginning in 2004 when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

| Senior Forum Editor

The evolution of online video

It goes without saying that online video currently dominates the climate of technology.With the advent of YouTube and other sites that allow for user-generated video and media, we have morphed from the Information Age of computing to the Media Age. Along with this change, of course, comes a great struggle to control—and profit from—these various avenues.

| Senior Forum Editor

The delicious flesh of animals

Natalie Villalon’s excellent article outlined the general arguments for refraining from eating meat. As far as theoretical ethics are concerned, I think that the arguments presented are sound. But I don’t think the article will change anyone else’s minds. Why? Because meat is delicious. Ultimately, the choice to eat meat could be regarded as an ethical issue, but it is undoubtedly, among other things, an aesthetic issue.

| Senior Forum Editor

Sex and the American way

Sex has always been an interesting topic in the U.S. specifically because of its taboo nature—the U.S.’s roots in Puritan traditions of physical modesty continue to form the foundations of American thought.

| Senior Forum Editor

E-book piracy: the final (?) frontier

When Napster came around, the playing field for music changed forever. Movies soon followed, and the piracy buzz spread to movies, games…within a short period of time, virtually all media could be pirated for fun and profit. Oddly enough, however, books were completely passed over. As if too old and decrepit to be worthy of piracy, books lost to newer media in terms of piracy, and especially in terms of notoriety. Until now.

| Senior Forum Editor

Information overload

The PC is dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? Or so it seems.

| Senior Forum Editor

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