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Watch your mouth

W.I.L.D. The Castle. BD. Floorgies. Every year, a vat of insider terms are poured over freshmen, who scramble just to make sense of all the Danforths. It’s only mildly surprising that the Orientation Web site has a page dedicated exclusively to Washington University lingo. Yes, college is about the classes, the parties and the activities […]

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Faculty Profile: Charles Sweetman

“The Second and Final Meeting of the Self-Improvement Book Club,” “Bill-Paying Zombie” and “National Take-Your-Inner-Child-To-Work Day.” No, these titles aren’t part of a literary tribute to “The Office.” Instead, they are part of Enterprise, Inc., a prizewinning chapbook of poems written by Washington University Professor Charles Sweetman. In the work, he explores the lives of […]

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The state of campus veggies

Whether you’re undergoing some stress relief with a vat of ice cream, overfeeding yourself for that biology test or just sharing some chips with friends, food, we can agree, is key to the college experience. People appreciate having the food that they like and want at their disposal.

| Scene Special Features Editor

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