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Learn art, eat art

It’s not rare for cultural centers to promote art in peculiar ways—the City Museum is proof of that. But it’s back to basics for the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis, which has shown that the path to a visitor’s artistic side can, like so many other paths, be carved through the stomach.

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Focus on: Campus Landscaping

Spring at Washington University is indie W.I.L.D., moody rain showers, spontaneous tornadoes, painfully lovely sunshine when finals are around the corner and—most consistently—Wash. U.’s many flowerbeds in bloom. Just how much effort is put into making plants a part of Wash. U.’s aesthetic?

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Bike N’ Build

In the summer before senior year, most undergraduates are vying for an internship or for that research opportunity that will make post-graduation easier to handle. But chemical engineers Scott Burger and Sebastian Estenssoro decided they would go on one last adventure to make life before graduation all the more epic.

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WU’s St. Lungitics compete off campus

What’s more merciless: a judge or a scoreboard? Performance competitions are often the tougher nut to crack when deciding, as “objectively” as possible, who among competitors is the best of the best. Consider that in dancing competitions, for instance, strengthening one’s capacity to spin, jump and keep the beat might not cover the spectrum of what makes a better dancer.

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The More, The Merrier

ick a cultural event on campus, be it Carnaval, Black Anthology or the bubble tea promotion on the 40. Then, take a look around. More often than not, the number of attendants that are of the culture being celebrated is larger than the number of attendants who do not identify with that culture. This can, to an extent, be expected. When one’s identity, or a friend’s, is being showcased people are more likely to set aside the time to experience events pertaining to it.

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Beyond the Arch: Preserving St. Louis architecture

Despite the fact that St. Louis may not be known for its architecture, our city plays host to a variety of well-known constructions. In fact, if you look around when walking on campus, you’ll be surprised at what you find.

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‘Meet Me (Again) In St. Louis’: 1996 alum Nicholas Tamarkin

Before becoming a Washington University freshman, Nicholas Tamarkin had performed in two Tony-nominated plays, one during his freshman year and another during his junior year of high school. He had acted in Paris and Berlin, met Al Pacino and Paul Newman, and gone to Kevin Bacon’s wedding.

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The real deal: MedPrep

It’s likely that after surviving general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and biology, Washington University pre-meds will be in pretty good shape for the MCAT and the years of medical school that await them after graduation. But doctors aren’t deemed good doctors because of their crazy skills with paper, pen and Scantron sheets. How can the […]

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Grandfather remembers war, internment and Wash.U.

With the Executive Order 9066, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the forced removal of Japanese Americans across the United States. While some had only weeks to prepare for the event and others had months, most spent years in relocation camps located in places like rural Utah, Arizona and Wyoming. But about 30 Japanese American students instead […]

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The little venues: A look at events on campus you hardly hear about

It’s a Tuesday at 3 p.m. in Tisch Commons. As usual, there are tables full of notes, laptops and half-eaten meals. There are also violins playing with rich tones that soothe over the laughter, the conversations and the clatter of forks. Yes, on this particular Tuesday, Sept. 15, the St. Louis Symphony was promoting its […]

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