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Summer music 2010 in review

The second (and final) part of Cadenza’s look back at summer music. Like we said last time, Cadenza wanted to find the best selections from summer ’10, but we hit some snags on the way. First, we had no love for August releases. Like, seriously, none. The summer heated up early but, unlike St. Louis, […]

Summer Music 2010 in Review

Cadenza set out to comb our collections and dig up the best releases of summer 2010. We found some things out. First, we had no love for August releases, like, seriously none. This summer’s music heated up early, but unlike St. Louis, it cooled down with the passing weeks. We also discovered that whether you’re […]

DJ Digital Logic

Digital Logic, otherwise known as Jeremy Klein, out-dueled the other finalists earlier this month to win the first ever WU DJ Battle, earning him a chance to DJ at W.I.L.D. along with DJ Keeno.

| Music Editor

Introducing Cold War Kids

Who are they? Cold War Kids is an indie rock outfit out of Fullerton, California consisting of Nathan Willett (lead vocals, piano, guitar), Jonnie Russell (guitar, vocals, percussion), Matt Maust (bass guitar) and Matt Aveiro (drums). The band formed in 2004 and burst onto the scene in October 2006 with their album “Robbers & Cowards.” […]

| Music Editor

Blue Sky Noise | Circa Survive

The cover of Circa Survive’s newest offering, “Blue Sky Noise,” features a haloed and toga-clad young man being eaten by a five-legged winged antelope monster with a dozen beady eyes and a tubular mouth. It plays a horn, rainbows shoot from its hide, and gravity pulls it in at least four directions. It’s certainly an arresting image, but one that is ultimately too incongruous and absurd to be taken seriously.

| Cadenza Music Editor

Whatever happened to… Frankie Muniz?

Cadenza returns to our series “What Ever Happened To…?” chronicling the triumphs and misadventures of the stars of our youth. This week: Frankie Muniz of “Malcolm in the Middle.”

| Cadenza Music Editor

Here Lies Love | David Byrne and Fatboy Slim

Let’s cut to the chase—“Here Lies Love” is an hour and a half disco opera written by the frontman of the Talking Heads about the youth of the corrupt former first lady of the Philippines. If that’s exhausting to read, well, it’s kind of exhausting to listen to. On the album’s 22 tracks we get just as many vocalists, from Byrne himself to the likes of Tori Amos, Santigold and Cyndi Lauper.

| Music Editor

‘Beat the Devil’s Tattoo’ | Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

“Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” is an album caught between two impulses. The album opens with a pair of grimy, driving garage rock tracks and a few cuts of heavy punk. But, just when Black Rebel Motorcycle Club gets cookin’, they throw on the brakes with the down-tempo “Sweet Feeling,” which isn’t stripped-down as much as it is simply lackluster.

| Cadenza Reporter

Sex, drugs and WTF

If you believe Bowie’s ex-wife, she caught The Thin White Duke in bed with dozens of men, most notably the rooster-strutting Rolling Stone. This would be higher ranked if it weren’t so eerily believable. The bisexual, androgynous Bowie and Mick; the excessive rock star who could just as easily impregnate a woman as look at her? Both men deny the claim, but we’ll reserve judgment.

| Cadenza Reporter

HIM | ‘Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice, Chapters 1-13’

After finishing “Screamworks,” it may take a few minutes to realize that the album is over. His Infernal Majesty’s latest offering has the unfortunate tendency to wash over the listener unnoticed. There’s nothing wrong with the album—the band has some OK hooks, and they attempt to make their songs dip and swell—but the record is immediately forgettable.

| Cadenza Reporter

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