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T. Hanks

As a Student Life/Cadenza tradition, seniors write farewell articles for the Commencement issue that you are now holding in your hands. Previous submissions have both managed to offend every single person on campus and offered to buy everyone drinks. I am too diffident and poor to accomplish either of those things.

| Former Senior Cadenza Editor

Five ways to enjoy shorts and t-shirt weather

TREEmendous Join the folks at the Missouri Botanical Garden and Gamma Tree Experts for the ultimate outdoor activity: an arboreal scavenger hunt. From now until the end of September, you are invited to visit, where you’ll find the coordinates for 30 of St. Louis’ most spectacular trees in parks all around the county and Illinois.

| Scene Reporters

Behind the Scenes: Busch Stadium

Unlike Fenway Park, with its many seats behind giant green columns; Wrigley Field, forever enshrouded by a thick cloud of sadness; or Yankee Stadium, baseball’s equivalent of the Death Star, St. Louis’ Busch Stadium may be Major League Baseball’s finest establishment.

| Scene Reporter

Q&A with comics Glover and Pierson

Student Life’s Steph Spera caught up with Glover and Pierson after the show to discuss their careers, television and BroRape.

| Cadenza Reporter

“Breaking In” on Fox

Fox’s newest mid-season replacement, “Breaking In,” is a cross between ‘The Office’ and ‘The A-Team.’ It stars Christian Slater as Oz, the head of Contra Security, a company that tests security systems of important businesses and institutions by breaking into them before criminals or hackers can.

| Cadenza Reporter

Dear Nic Cage

Dear Nic Cage, Do you know that you won an Oscar? Because judging by your most recent releases, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” “Season of the Witch,” and this Friday’s latest “Drive Angry 3D,” it seems like you misplaced your gold statuette. I know you’ve had some problems with the IRS lately, and you need the money. […]

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Television that sets the festive mood

Although you may not feel too much holiday spirit while studying for that physics final or writing that Exposition paper, Cadenza is here to get you in the festive mood with our favorite holiday episodes. Perfect for procrastination. All easily searchable online. Think of it as our non-denominational gift to you.

Get your ‘Rocky Horror’ on

Your fishnet stockings have a huge Time Warp-induced run in them, you may or may not have hit someone in the back of the head with a piece of toast, and your best friend got slapped in the face by a stranger wearing leather chaps. Just another typical outing to the Tivoli’s midnight showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Upright Citizen’s Brigade Touring Co. Brings the Funny to Wash. U.

K.A.R.L. Improv is bringing the Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB) Touring Company to Brown Hall 100 tonight. UCB has spawned the likes of Amy Poehler, “SNL” alum and star of the underrated NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation”; “Scrubs” janitor Neil Flynn; Jack McBryer; the submissive, naïve Kenneth Parcells on “30 Rock”; and many “Daily Show” alums, including Ed Helms, Rob Corddry and Rob Riggle.

| Cadenza Editor

Fall TV Preview: Monday through Thursday

Last year, NBC tried an interesting little experiment: giving Jay Leno the 10 o’clock hour every night of the week, and robbing us television viewers of five precious hours of primetime. Luckily for us (but maybe not for Leno), this experiment completely failed.

| Cadenza Staff

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