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Staff Editorial: COVID-19 surge: We need free testing and clearer guidelines

This situation demands a more coordinated response than what the WashU administration has given thus far.

Staff Editorial: Post-affirmative action, ending legacy admissions is overdue

The University must consider other areas such as legacy admissions to further demonstrate continued commitment to socioeconomic diversity.

Staff Editorial: In St. Louis for the summer? Here are our recommended activities

If you’re spending the summer in St. Louis, you’ll find plenty of fun activities to keep yourself busy. Here are some of our favorites.

Staff Editorial: WashU cannot stay silent on Missouri’s restrictions of gender-affirming care

Transgender and non-binary students deserve to receive vehement and unwavering support from their university as Missouri lawmakers continue to threaten their safety by attacking their rights to gender-affirming care.

Staff Editorial: Our Fall 2023 course recommendations

Unfortunately, we can’t make the choices for you. However, we can do our best to guide you toward some of our favorites.

Staff Editorial: It’s time to revive (or recreate) WashU campus traditions

Be it individual students deciding to start something wacky, or leaders in student government and Campus Life coming up with more campus activities, WashU needs more campus traditions. 

Staff Editorial: WashU administration must express consistent support for its transgender healthcare programs

The University must rectify this by voicing more consistent support for the Center as well as for its transgender students during this time of crisis.

Staff Editorial: Regarding tuition, we need less pomp, more circumstance

The issue is, students and families don’t know exactly where their money is going, or how it’s being used, nor are we privy to any information about how tuition increases are calculated each year. We are asking for a detailed breakdown of University expenses, broken down by general category.

Staff Editorial: Our Spring 2023 class recommendations

As the excitement around Thanksgiving Break grows, it can be easy to lose track of another impending deadline: class registration. Whether you have poured over course listings and have a robust list of classes or this article is your wake up call to poke around the course listings, the Student Life Editorial Board is here to help. 

Staff Editorial: Your voice matters. Here’s proof.

A swift administrative response to criticism is surprising. But it shouldn’t be.

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