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No Reservations? No Problem

So you dropped the ball on dinner reservations for graduation. Maybe your parents have been hounding you for weeks and you just ignored them (in which case you’re really in trouble) or maybe you didn’t even think about it until all of your friends started talking about the reservations that they made two months ago.

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Siblings drive taste of Sicily to St. Louis in Mangia Mobile truck

It’s 1 p.m. on a Wednesday, and Mangia Mobile is perched majestically on Scott Avenue in the Central West End, right underneath an overpass that bridges two buildings of the Washington University School of Medicine. It’s a bit late for the lunch rush—the special Italian spring salad has been sold out for at least an hour—but customers are still trickling in.

| Managing Editor

The 2nd annual Clayton Restaurant Week makes upscale affordable

Although it’s only been a week or two since most of us were partaking in delightful home-cooked meals, it’s never too soon to take advantage of a fine dinner—especially when offered a great deal.

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First Genderqueer Week aims to break down barriers

Next week, the Student Forum on Sexuality (X-Magazine) and Safe Zones will present Washington University’s first ever Genderqueer Week.

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Sips in the City brings happy hour to Schnucks

As Wash. U. students stock up on cases of Natty Light at the Schnucks on Clayton Road, others sip on pinot noir and tasty Belgian beers at Culinaria, an upscale version of Schnucks located in downtown St. Louis. The event is Sips in the City, a happy hour collaboration between Culinaria, ALIVE Magazine and Anheuser-Busch that usually takes place on the last Friday of the month.

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Eight things to look forward to this fall

After spending the summer in cities like New York, London, Paris or LA, the flight back to St. Louis can feel like a one-way ticket to the boonies. But the truth is, fall is an incredible time to be in our fair city.

| Managing Editor

Engineers bring drag, catapults and glory to campus with EnWeek 2010

Junior Caroline Fernandez is on a quest—a quest to bring one marginalized group of students to the forefront of the Washington University population. OK, so “marginalized” might be a bit dramatic, but this group is certainly subject to stereotypes and misconceptions. “Engineers are not just nerds,” Fernandez said. “Engineers do other things…We’re human, too!

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A classy place to hook up

It’s a given that the Village East is the nicest housing on campus. Let’s be serious, at $11,342 per year, residents should be getting free room service. It’s new, it’s clean and it looks like a castle. But what are you really paying for?

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“Wanna give me a back rub?” Chances are you’ve asked this of one of your friends at some point, or perhaps you make the request on a regular basis if you’re especially ballsy. And the response generally goes something like this: your friend scoffs at you and reacts with a firm “no.” Or maybe you […]

| Senior Scene Editor

Getting back in the swing of things

For many Wash. U. students, three weeks of break is not enough. Just when that knot in your upper back starts to relax and that nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach fades away with the memory of final exams, you have to go back to school and start it all over again. It […]

| Senior Scene Editor

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