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Name an elevator in your honor!

The Danforth University Center, the newest darling of the Danforth Campus, is a little ridiculous. It seems you can’t walk 10 feet without discovering a new plaque.

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Improv groups: Bringing the funny to Wash. U.

Merriam-Webster defines improvisation as “the act of improvising,” which is not very enlightening. Improvising is defined as to “compose, recite, play, or sing extemporaneously,” which is more helpful, if a bit verbose.

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WU Stock 2009

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Taking a dip with the polar bears

On Saturday, Feb. 7, Scene reporter Scott Fabricant dove headlong into the freezing Lake St. Louis together with several hundred members of the Polar Bears.

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Freezing for a good cause

On Saturday, Feb. 7, I, along with several hundred of my closest friends, donning outrageous costumes, dove headlong into the freezing Lake St. Louis. No, we weren’t crazy; we were participating in the sixth annual Polar Bear Plunge fundraiser charity event for Special Olympics Missouri.

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Sprinkling sex across campus

Former porn actress and sex educator Annie Sprinkle visited the University yesterday and today to take part in a series of talks and movie screenings to educate students about sex and pornography. The Tuesday events were a panel discussion on pornography in society and a lecture called “My Life as a Feminist Porn Activist.” Wednesday’s […]

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A sign of change: a primer on deaf culture and controversy

For some of the 28 million Americans with profound hearing loss, deafness is more than a lack of hearing. It’s a way of life. To these people, deaf is a culture, complete with its own history and language. St. Louis, however, is often seen more of an “oral” city, where education is focused on teaching […]

From Watergate to WU

Noted investigative reporter Carl Bernstein spoke about journalistic and governmental accountability as a part of the Assembly Series on Thursday afternoon.

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Questions for Laura Schwartz, CBS host

Student Life reporter Scott Fabricant talked to Laura Schwartz, who hosts CBS’s “Trail Mix,” a segment of The Early Show covering what most of the media doesn’t cover for this election cycle.

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Protests end in disbandment

The Washington University Intramural Field, its views blocked off from everywhere else on campus, served as a space for protesters that was distant from the goings-on in the Athletic Complex.

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