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Sex and the Loop

Is the saying “All’s fair in love and war” really true? Does anything go when it comes to dating and romance? Or are there unspoken societal rules that one must follow? Personally, I have always made my own rules. I have always been a go-getter kind of gal. When I want something, I make sure […]

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Engineers play grown-up in the Co-Op Program

College, for the most part, is fun. Washington University students work hard and, of course, play hard as well. Our classes tend to be incredibly interesting and our extracurricular activities, fulfilling. And while schlepping to Whispers at 11 p.m. to cram for a chemistry exam can be a drag, these four years are generally a […]

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Avoiding con artistry

Have you ever been swindled into giving out your social security number or credit/debit card number? Most of you may be thinking “obviously not.” However, con artistry is an all-too-common crime in our society and is more prevalent than you might think. As college students living within the comfortable means of a world dominated by […]

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Word on the Street

What are you most looking forward to with regards to Obama’s presidency? Education reform—I feel like it’s really important for our country as a whole and inner city kids in particular. The majority of people in the inner city are African American and the fact that we have our first black president (the last occupation […]

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Feeding through the Band

Imagine this: Your favorite band is coming to St. Louis, and you’re super-pumped to see them play. And by purchasing a ticket, you are single-handedly feeding a hungry child in St. Louis for the whole weekend.

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