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Turn off your phone and live your life

As a new chapter begins, I challenge Wash. U. students to consciously unplug from social media on a regular basis in order to create space in their own lives.

Parents are the heroes of their college-aged children

Parents are the heroes of their college-aged children

After countless days of shopping trips, parents will deliver their children to college for the first time. Some families have made a road trip of the trip to campus while others have flown. Over the years, I have participated in many move-in days.

| Director of Chabad

Nurture the spirit along with the mind

While you experience the breadth of college life, remember that the soul and spirit need to be developed as well as the mind. Do things that add meaning to your life. Our university, while embracing the diversity of religious life on campus, identifies itself as non-religious.

| Director of Chabad on Campus

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