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Stepping Out: Tony’s on Main Street

Sometimes good things come when we least expect it. This past Sunday, I was trapped in St. Charles, which, with its redbrick roads and cute antiquated buildings, seems like one of the historical villages I visited on fifth grade field trips. The only difference is that this historical village has an obvious proclivity for alcohol.

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Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

There are few things that I like more than frequenting Mexican restaurants and consuming too many of their complimentary chips. About two weeks ago, I was standing in line to get a cinnamon roll at Cici’s all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. After the little boy in front of me took the last four, I turned in despair and saw out the window another restaurant called “Hacienda.

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Stepping Out: La Pizza

This week I ventured to La Pizza, which was recently rated by St. Louis Magazine as having the best pizza in the entire city. If you’ve ever driven west on Delmar Boulevard, you’ve most likely seen La Pizza but subconsciously screened it from your memory. The pizzeria is a little shack with a sign that is barely visible at night.

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Stepping Out: Seamus McDaniel’s

I recently traveled to Dogtown to eat at what many consider the neighborhood’s crown jewel: Seamus McDaniel’s. Many of my friends told me that this place is famous for its hamburgers, so, naturally, I had to check it out. From the outside, McDaniel’s appears to go on forever. The interior is surprisingly huge considering it’s an Irish pub, but it can easily fill the seats.

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Pat’s Bar & Grill

Recently, I had the option of spending 15 bucks either on gaining entrance to a club to meet Jersey Shore’s “the Situation” or on going to Pat’s Bar & Grill to try out their supposedly excellent food.

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Friendly service, fun ambiance and respectable food: It’s all part of the experience at the Hill’s famous bakery and sandwich shop, Amighetti’s.

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LuLu Seafood Restaurant

A friend of mine repeatedly told me about “LuLu’s Seafood,” a Chinese restaurant that he claimed was so delicious and inexpensive that you couldn’t miss out on it. He’s Chinese and had certified LuLu’s as authentic, high-quality Chinese cuisine; I had to trust his judgment. As I entered LuLu’s, I found myself in a boisterous […]

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Pam’s Chicago Style Dogs

Rating: 4/5 stars 6016 Delmar Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63112 314-721-7267 $5-10 Coming from Chicago, one of my usual diet staples that I dearly miss when I am living in St. Louis is hot dogs. They can be found all over the place back home, but rarely do I run across the encased capsules of […]

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