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Evaluating a week with Coco

Conan kicked off the series with a pre-taped cold open: Last Season on “Conan”. Conan is on the line with an NBC executive who tells the talk show host that he has to move “The Tonight Show” to 12:05 a.m. Conan’s reaction is priceless (“Go to hell!”) and self-knowing (“What can they do to me?” he says as he reclines back in his chair), but as Conan leaves a surprisingly dingy-looking NBC parking lot, he’s shot up “Godfather”-style.
He’s put in a full-body cast. The good news is he’ll live. The bad news is he’ll never work in network television again. From there, Conan tries his hand at being a Burger King cashier, a stand-up comedian/birthday clown, and a “Mad Man” from the 60s, complete with a guest appearance from a surly Don Draper. But nothing fits.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘Morning Glory’

“Morning Glory” begins with a firing. Becky (Rachel McAdams), a loyal producer on a local affiliate’s morning show, is unceremoniously dumped. All doom and gloom, her mom tells her that since she’s 28 years old, her dream of becoming a television producer is basically over. Five minutes later, Jerry Barnes (Jeff Goldblum) of IBS is on the horn and offers her a job to executive produce the network’s embarrassment of a morning show, “DayBreak.”

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‘Morning Glory’ Review

“Morning Glory” begins with a firing. Becky (Rachel McAdams), a loyal producer on some local affiliate’s morning show, is dumped unceremoniously. There are only so many ways to lampoon morning television, and there are only so many times a weather man can be enthusiastic about weather vanes before it becomes grating.

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A Guide to Diwali

Diwali’s first performance is tonight at 7 p.m. in the Edison Theatre. In case you are attending but don’t know what to expect from the show, here is a quick guide of what’s to come.

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How to pretend you saw…’Inception’

Haven’t seen ‘Inception’ but want to be able to talk about it anyway? Here’s your crib sheet.

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Death to False Metal | Weezer

For better or for worse, Weezer continues its onslaught of albums with “Death to False Metal,” the band’s fourth release in three years. If you’re interested in a breakdown of the match-up, “Worse” was up 3-0 coming into this round, but this collection of unreleased B-sides and rarities has enough moxy to make things better.

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WU Students attend Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

On Saturday, 155 Wash. U. students took a bus trip to Washington, sponsored by Student Union, to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, hosted by Jon Stewart. After a 16.5-hour bus ride, the students found themselves waiting at a Metro station in West Falls Church, Virginia for up to 2 hours. Some hitchhiked to the rally; others did not make it at all.

Notes from a n00b

“You’re going to suck at it,” my roommate Jesse told me. I tried not to take it personally, but I did. “What do you mean by that?” I asked.
“Look, Percy, you only like ‘Left 4 Dead’ and Nintendo games. ‘Civ V’ is completely different. You won’t like it.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘The Social Network’

“The Social Network” lives up to its hype as a must see movie and reminds the viewer how important Facebook is to everyday life.

| Cadenza Editor

App Review: Metro STL

Metro STL is a simple, useful app, but it isn’t ambitious enough. At a very basic level, it has what you’d expect in a MetroLink app.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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