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Google offers a future of web-only computing

And underneath the lid: my very own Chrome OS Notebook, which for expdiency’s sake (and to up my nerd-cred), will henceforth be referred to it the name Google gave it, the Cr-48. A netbook with no desktop. A computer that only has a browser. Google’s vision of the future of cloud computing.

| Cadenza Editor

Turning sports terms into sex positions

Sports are dirty; sometimes they’re rough. You can play them with a team or go solo, and they make you all sweaty and tired but also make you feel good and want to pat other people on the butt. What we’re trying to say is, sports are just like sex. And whenever we’re watching them on TV, the commentators are always saying things that make us giggle because, well, we’re immature.

| Student Life Staff

Evaluating Super Bowl XLV commercials

The Super Bowl: It’s the biggest sporting event of the year, and that means advertisers will pay the most to get awesome commercials on screen and sell their products. Here’s how we felt about this year’s ad lineup.

| Cadenza Staff

Not your average bowl-game: Practicing and competing with the Academic Team

Had I entered the practice room at a different time, I wouldn’t have felt so lost. But—as I would soon learn—I wasn’t born with the necessary timing to keep up with the Washington University Academic Team (WUAT), the University’s in-house Quiz bowl squad. When I opened the door, I was greeted by a loud ringing noise—sophomore Charles Hang had just buzzed in.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit

Piece by piece, the execs in charge of LNYF at Wash. U. are working to recapture the spirit of East Asia’s Lunar New Year, starting with the holiday’s traditional longevity. Many international students commented that last year’s show was fun, but they missed how much of an event the Lunar New Year was back home. That’s why Wash. U.’s Lunar New Year Festival lasted a week this year, kicking off with fireworks this past Sunday, a Lunar New Year’s-themed buffet at Ibby’s yesterday and rabbit cookies sold at bakeries across campus. It’s not a month off from school, but it’s a start.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘WUSTL Live!’ guts out a great first performance

The cast showed real chemistry and comedic timing in both their live performances and pre-taped segments. The writing was sharp, the video-editing was perfect. What started off awkwardly ended hilariously. Brittain came out to a cheering crowd to take his final bow and wished to see everyone at the next show on March 3.
For more information and clips from their premiere, visit

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Getting to know Fake Chancellor Wrighton

St. Louis was pummeled by snow last week, and Fake Chancellor Wrighton tweeted, no doubt from the comfort of a leather armchair, “I love taking snow days! Sucks for the rest of you.” Students weren’t bitter. In fact, they re-tweeted it. Of course, even if they had been upset, to whom would they have directed their anger? Fake Wrighton is, well, a fake.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘The Giver’

The cast of “The Giver” never stops moving. Presented by Edison Theatre and Metro Theater Company, this production of “The Giver” acts as if walking is outlawed in this community and sprinting is the only legal form of transportation.

| Cadenza Editor

‘127 Hours’

Aron Ralston (James Franco) thinks that he’s superhuman. He creates situations designed to inflate his ego. That’s Aron at the beginning of the movie. We all know how his situation is going to change.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Will they be canceled? Should they be canceled?

It’s that time of year again. What shows deserve renewals, and which have earned their place on the chopping block?

| Cadenza Staff

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