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Wash. U. alumni works hit the shelves

Wouldn’t it be cool to write a book someday? It would be safe to say that many students would answer “yes” to that question. A number of Washington University alumni have fulfilled that dream, having composed literary works spanning a variety of genres and unusual topics. If you’ve heard his name before, you may remember […]

| Scene Regular Features Editor

Not obsolete on Cherokee Street: a stroll down Antique Row

St. Louis’ Antique Row turns the outdated into stylish vintage, the obsolete into desirable vestiges—or at the very least, it is a place to find some cool old stuff that would make great props and costumes for a movie. To be serious, there are a variety of stores on the row that feature unusual and […]

| Scene Regular Features Editor

Resolve to keep your resolutions

Although the switch from 2008 to 2009 only took a second, it was a considerable change. In this year, thousands of people, from our nation’s political leaders to average citizens, will be making resolutions to better their lives in some way. Typically, we have grand visions for ourselves: We will get to the gym everyday […]

| Scene Regular Features Editor

Taking the Dark Knight out

If you were doing some late night studying at the Danforth University Center (DUC) a few weeks ago, you may have thought you were hallucinating when you saw Batman, Joker and other characters from “The Dark Knight” all dining together in the Orchid Room. This strange sight was no hallucination, but rather an independent film […]

| Scene Regular Features Editor

Battle Glory on the Forty

You see them from the windows of Liggett-Koenig as they practice on the lawn Saturdays from 2-5 p.m., or in the Village Quad on Fri-days from 3-5 p.m. clad in elaborate leather armor, bearing (foam) swords and shields. They fight, and the chaos mimics that found in actual battles. These people are the members of […]

| Regular Features Editor

Spring Courses: How To Get Great Picks

Whether this upcoming spring will be your first at Wash. U. or you are a seasoned veteran, it’s coming time to pick what new areas of knowledge to dive into. While you are never really stuck in a course besides clusters and some major-specific core requirements, it is worthwhile to do a little research now […]

Pepping up portion control: tricks for feeling full

In a country where “supersizing” your meal is an option and where we can buy king-sized candy bars, portion control may be far from the consumer’s mind.

| Regular Features Editor

Listen up: A lesson in cell phone etiqutte

As college students, our phones and the Internet are what keep us feeling safely connected and comfortably findable in the world. Sometimes, however, we are so concerned with staying connected to everyone we know that we do not realize how we affect people around us, who are quite often annoyed by our phone-related habits.

| Scene Reporter

Decorating ideas for your home away from home

This year, take the opportunity to really let those four walls be your canvas and express yourself with some interesting decorating.

| Special Features Editor

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