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Life in the slow lane

How’s your semester going so far? Oh, that busy, huh? Well, I guess we can catch up later… If this is how you’ve been talking to yourself lately, it’s time to reprioritize your time. I say this as a fellow meet-yourself-coming-and-going-er, not someone who’s sitting here with truly free time to write this article. I’ve had semesters filled with 21 credit hours, musicals, work and relationships. Trust me, I know.

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Black History Month: it’s for all of us

All right kiddos, it’s Black History Month! I’ll write my report on Harriet Tubman; why don’t you do George Washington Carver? Or maybe Nelson Mandela or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? How about Barack Obama? Is it all right that he’s only half-black? Some would say President Obama is black. He married a black woman, […]

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The grammar police

Weeeooo weeeooo weeeooo! We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up and your spell-checker turned off! The grammar police have a warrant for your arrest! Okay, so perhaps grammar errors aren’t as serious as that, but they can be incredibly detrimental to your academic reputation and to your ability to communicate effectively. The […]

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Keep it real

I was watching the new episode of “South Park” the other night, and it dawned on me that those little modestly-animated, potty-mouthed fourth-graders are not so different from all of us. This particular episode involved a clash between the goth kids and the newly-increasing group of wannabe vampire kids. The goth kids were portrayed as […]

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Be a secret santa

All right, kiddos, it’s al-most time for Thanks-giving. I know we all have a ton of papers and projects to finish in the next two and a half weeks, but we can make it. I think. I don’t have far to go to get home—only about an hour drive—but I’m still super-excited. Along the way […]

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A W.I.L.D. lack of respect

I hope you all enjoyed W.I.L.D. I hope you didn’t encounter rude staff and volunteers. I also hope you wondered why Green Action wasn’t brought in to help make the event more sustainable. And I hope that you tried to get more than one slice of pizza—and that you succeeded.

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Let’s pick someone already

The debate is tomorrow. So what? We’ll eventually inaugurate another president who may or may not make us happy, sad or indifferent. Personally, I’m an avid supporter of Barack Obama because of his composite background, desire to push us forward in environmental and economic matters and ability to pull people together. Certainly we should always […]

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Alright kiddos, it’s time to talk about respect.

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