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What is feminism? Gloria Steinem still knows

Student Life’s Kat Zhao sat down with renowned feminist Gloria Steinem to discuss the female experience in modern-day America. Student Life: What are some of the biggest challenges facing women today? Gloria Steinem: You can call it, in general, a sexual caste system.

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Locals support colon cancer research, advocacy in Undy 5000

Some ran. Some walked. But almost everyone was wearing boxers, undies or brightly decorated shorts. This was the peculiar sight that greeted passersby on Saturday morning in Forest Park, where the local Gateway chapter of the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) hosted its second annual St. Louis Undy 5000 (5K) event to promote awareness and raise money for the cause of colorectal cancer.

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Matisyahu: Unplugged

With his hands resting on his legs while sitting onstage in a high-set chair, Matisyahu commanded his quietly captivated listeners Thursday with the performance of three serenely delivered acoustic songs in a blend of words, hums, beatboxing and other sounds.

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Matisyahu set to entertain a large crowd

As of Monday evening, close to 600 guests have confirmed their attendance at Thursday’s “MATISYAHU” Assembly Series event inside Graham Chapel, which holds a maximum capacity of 750. The campus groups co-hosting the reggae, rock and hip hop-fusion American Hasidic Jewish artist Matisyahu also reserved May Auditorium in the Olin Business School as an overflow seating area.

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Male engineers showcase talent and beauty in EnPageant

To the unknowing passerby, the rowdy scene in McMillan Café on Wednesday evening might have resembled an unrehearsed, B-rated drag show. But the seven young men strutting around in dresses were no drag queens—they were contestants in the Mr. Engineering Pageant (EnPageant).

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Making sense of the recession

Five nationally renowned economists participated in a panel last Friday afternoon in a discussion about the actions of the Federal Reserve leading up to and in the aftermath of the recent economic recession.

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Recruitment number up for sororities

As January ushers in a new semester, each of the seven sorority chapters at Washington University also welcomed a new member class following a weeklong recruitment process.

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Citation evokes questions on students’ relations with U. City police

While the administration has been concerned with an increase in noise complaints attributed to Washington University students from the local community, some students living off-campus claim they have been wrongly accused and held accountable in individual cases.

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A new beginning: SAM fraternity moves beyond loss of house, drug bust

Almost a year has passed since the Phi chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu was evicted from its house on Upper Fraternity Row, and the current brothers of the fraternity have put the past behind them and moved in a new direction.

| Contributing Reporter

SOUNDSLIDES: College Dems participate in health-care debate

Kat Berger, president of the College Democrats, talked with Senior News Editor Kat Zhao Tuesday night while chalking up sidewalks around Wash. U. with health-care. She spoke with Student Life about the group’s motivations for stepping into the national health-care debate.

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