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University dedicates $12 million to campus clean coal initiative

Chancellor Mark Wrighton announced Tuesday that Washington University will be establishing a Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization, bringing University researchers together with industry leaders and government officials to make St. Louis a hub for clean coal research. The $12 million initiative is part of the University’s $60 million effort to “advance education and research related […]

| Staff Reporter

Conference to address future of environment after Kyoto Protocol

As the international community braces for the 2012 expiration of the Kyoto Protocol—the guiding legal treaty on global greenhouse gas emissions—a group of scholars will meet at Washington University to explore how the United States will assume a role in the future of environmental protection.

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Conservatives seek to promote ideas through academics

Although conservatives have created new academic programs with likeminded professors on several college campuses across the country to change the way undergraduates are educated, Washington University has no plans for such initiatives.

| Staff Reporter

Students look to focus election on environment

A national student movement and a local campus group combined on Thursday to call for voters to make the environment their top priority.

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News Analysis: Biden, Palin follow predicted roles

Thursday night’s debate featured much of what both presidential campaigns had promised, as Senator Joe Biden touted his experience tied with Obama’s vision, and Sarah Palin attempted to appeal to mainstream America.

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University full of debate history

Though heightened security and bustling activity surrounds the run-up to the vice presidential debate, the national spotlight is nothing new for administrators at Washington University.

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Students stand in for Biden, Palin

Correction Appended Below Standing before podiums in the Athletic Complex yesterday, students tackled key issues such as the state of Krispy Kreme donuts and the best childhood snacks in order to test the conditions of the debate hall. The Commission on Presidential Debates used Washington University students who bore some resemblance to the vice presidential […]

| News Staff

Support brewing for new club

Adults who think this generation treats alcohol with no respect should think again. That, at least, is what the Students’ Brewing Society is trying to prove. Hatched by a group of friends who discovered their love for brewing beer while spending this past summer together in St. Louis, the new student group hopes to convince […]

| Staff Reporter

Few people, much excitement at Wash. U. sports’ first tailgate

What would have otherwise been a quiet Saturday on Francis Field became what Student Union hopes will turn into a school tradition of burgers, music and possibly beer.

| Staff Reporter

Makeover for Mallinckrodt?

While the Danforth University Center will attract a large part of the student body this year, fewer will pass through Mallinckrodt Center for a midday break.

However, with a loading dock, kitchen facilities, an expanding bookstore and the Edison Theatre, Mallinckrodt will remain as it is for the foreseeable future. Several Washington University administrators plan to meet within the next few months to construct a long-term plan for the campus center.

| Staff Reporter

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