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WU commission investigating officer’s encounter with student

Washington University has formed a fact-finding commission to review the specifics of a University police encounter with a social work student who says he was racially profiled by the police, as well as the results of an internal police investigation that found that a police officer gave the student inaccurate information about why he had been stopped.

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Students protest race discrimination at Chicago bar during senior class trip

Around 200 Washington University students participated in a protest Sunday morning in Chicago in response to what is being called an act of racial discrimination that occurred at Mother’s Night Club Original bar the night before.

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New South 40 roof promotes sustainability

The South 40 House boasts not only new dining options and expanded housing but also brand new environmental sustainability capabilities. An environmentally friendly “green roof”—containing grass, native plants and approximately 110,000 pounds of soil —debuted in late September. The roof covers a loading dock, kitchen and other areas of the South 40 House’s southern lower level.

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The Interwebs: Networking sites the future of campus communication?

Poking and tweeting just turned academic. Networking sites are becoming an essential tool for the tech-savvy professor or administrator on campuses across the nation. Washington University is no exception.

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University appoints six members to board of trustees over summer

Chancellor Mark Wrighton recently announced six new members to Washington University’s board of trustees

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Graffiti messages near Underpass target SU agenda

While peppy signs plastered throughout campus welcomed freshmen to Washington University, an unknown number of people greeted students with a message of their own on the first day of classes: “This today is gone tomorrow…Don’t screw it up.” Students walking to class from the South 40 encountered a montage of unauthorized graffiti spray painted on […]

| News Staff

Search for director of sexual assault prevention, education takes shape

Members of the Advisory Committee on Sexual Violence and Prevention (ACSVP) are moving forward with plans to hire an assistant director of sexual assault prevention and education. Over the summer, the committee chose three preliminary candidates to interview for the position.

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Wrighton to speak at local commencement, get honorary degree

Harris-Stowe State University announced that Washington University Chancellor Mark Wrighton will give its commencement speech this year and receive an honorary degree from its institution.

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WU considers purchasing Clayton properties

Residents of the South 40 may no longer see children walking to school on Wydown Boulevard. Last year, the Clayton school district board approached Washington University about the opportunity to purchase Wydown Middle School, the Maryland School and the Bracken Building. The University is now considering the offer to purchase these buildings, and in exchange, […]

| Staff Reporter

Students find writing program to be an enriching experience

Students currently enrolled in Washington University’s writing program offered words of praise for the faculty, the course material and the philosophy behind the program. Undergraduates in writing workshops present their writing and receive feedback and criticism from their peers and instructors. These courses, also offered through the University College for credit, cover material from drama […]

| Staff Reporter

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