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VIDEO: Students respond to tomato absence

Bon Appétit, the food provider for most of Washington University’s campus, recently announced that it would no longer serve tomato slices or wedges on campus in order to assure higher wages and better conditions for workers who pick tomatoes in Florida. Bon Appétit—which imports tomatoes from Florida during the winter—signed an agreement with the Coalition […]

VIDEO: Flash Mob Dance at library

Gathered students burst into a choreographed “flash mob dance” in front of Olin library at noon this Wednesday, Nov. 18th. The purpose of the dance remains unclear.

VIDEO: Jeff Nelson interview

Student Union President Jeff Nelson talked to Student Life about a number of events within SU this week, including the passing of multiple “green” resolutions, the recent SU Executive resignations, and SU’s interaction with the University on its recent financial struggles, as well as new projects like an SU-funded system of grants for student initiatives. […]

Laundromat Feminism

I was sitting at the laundromat the other day, reading Gayle Rubin’s “The Traffic in Women: Notes on the ‘Political Economy’ of Sex.” I could barely read because of the blare of televisions, and I couldn’t go outside, because it was too cold for my fingers to be able to annotate the text. The Loop Laundromat, if you haven’t been there, has three televisions, each in a corner of the square room, each tuned to a different channel.

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VIDEO: Mothers News Conference

Senior Class President Fernando Cutz announced at a press conference Wednesday that the six black students who allege they were discriminated against by the Original Mothers bar in Chicago have reached an agreement with the bar.

The right side of history, as told by…

I was excited to see an article in the paper on National Coming Out Day, detailing the cooperation of Pride Alliance and new campus “movement” The Right Side of History. There had been, it seemed to me, a significant tension between the two groups, based upon what appeared to be The Right Side’s lack of […]

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‘Quality of Life’ is a problematic performance

Student Life published an article last Wednesday and entitled “Quality of life echoes Princeton Review ranks, University admins say.” Accompanying it online was a video of student reactions to our school’s new ranking as the No. 4 university in the country in “Quality of Life.” I think the “reactions” in this video bring up two […]

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New iPod nano: simply awesome or just too much?

Holy mother of God. By that, I mean to say that the new iPod Nano is a ridiculous piece of equipment.

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The specter of post-college

Charlie Low recently drew upon the deepest hopes and desires of thousands of past and current WUSTLers by writing the perennial mid-college coming-of-age column, entitled in his case, “Who wants to live in the real world? Not me.” I should apologize to Charlie right away, because he is going to be the whipping boy for […]

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Photo Editorial | Dennis Sweeney

Wash. U. should demand an equal distribution of recycling and trash dumpsters in areas where students live. Quadrangle Housing and Wash. U. have a responsibility to their customers to provide an equal number of recycling and trash dumpsters.

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