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The Leno leap (to primetime)

Man walking on the moon…the fall of the Berlin Wall…the premiere of The Jay Leno Show? Okay, so maybe that last one isn’t quite as monumental, but it’s revolutionary nonetheless. Late night television has always been just that—late at night—yet now one man has dared to cross over into that unknown realm of lore: primetime. […]

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When technology bytes

WebSTAC is whack…or at least, logging into it is nowadays.  Freshmen and transfer students are most likely unfamiliar with the days of yore, that much simpler time before the invention of the almighty “WUSTL key”.  For everyone else, though, you have to admit it: the current password system is a nightmare. It isn’t just that […]

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When two tribes go to war

For my nefarious scheme of the day, I’d like to propose that we revoke speaking privileges for both Janeane Garofalo (at least outside of her role on “24”) and Rush Limbaugh.

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Don’t hold a grudge against Drudge

Perhaps you haven’t heard, but in Washington, President Obama urged Congress to pass his stimulus bill, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized with pancreatic cancer. In sports and entertainment, Michael Phelps lost his sponsorship with Kellogg’s after being photographed smoking cannabis, while Etta James threatened to beat up Beyoncé after the latter […]

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How to make (and complete) a successful New Year’s resolution

I’ve found my hometown gym to be a perfect paradigm for how people treat New Year’s resolutions. The place is packed during the early days of January with determined men and women who have vowed to lose those spare tires and love handles, to “get in shape” as they say. This doesn’t last long, though, […]

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Keep your enemies closer?

Nothing’s official yet (at least not as I write this), but I’d like to take a moment to speculate about a recent headline concerning our President-elect and a certain defeated rival. Yes, the possibility of Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State is, well…that’s just it. I don’t quite know what to make of it.

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A not-so-thin line between life and sports

I used to think there were more important things in the world than sports. After all, if we say something’s “for sport,” it usually implies at least some level of diversion from everyday life. Sure there’s a competitive element, but ultimately this has to take a back seat to one’s well-being, right?

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Some reasons I’m against Obama

If I say “Supreme Emperor for Life,” what name pops into your head? Augustus, Napoleon, maybe Palpatine?

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The discreet charm of Sarah Palin

When I first saw Sarah Palin take the stage as John McCain’s running mate a few weeks back, I immediately hated her. Not disliked, mind you, but flat out loathed. She seemed like one big phony—a brunette Ann Coulter whose selection was merely a gimmick to ensnare disillusioned Hillary Clinton supporters. While I’m still leaning toward agreeing with the latter part of that statement, I’ve recently undergone a near 180 in my feelings toward Palin.

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Words of wisdom

No doubt you’ve heard this a million times already, but here’s a million and one: welcome back. If you’re reading this, then in all likelihood you survived the summer. For this, I offer my congratulations. Getting back in one piece is certainly something to be proud of.

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