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The effect of misinformation

As anyone who has been in an argument before knows, one of the most annoying tendencies one might encounter is a looseness with facts. People routinely distort or ignore inconvenient information that doesn’t support their case. Still, this tendency is often held in check to some degree by the unwillingness of persons with opposing positions […]

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Still working toward equality

Witnessing the election of Barack Obama was one of the most exciting moments of my life. After eight years of W., there is finally some hope of competence, restraint and respect for the Constitution in the White House. And it is impossible to ignore the beauty for children of those born into slavery, like 109-year-old […]

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Both candidates deserve extra credit

The Gaffe Machine versus the Empty Suit. Working class Catholic versus shotgun-totin’ evangelical. Scranton versus Wasilla.

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Obama’s neglect of civil liberties disheartening

I am going to vote for Obama on November 4, and I suspect most of my readers will also. But my vote will not be cast with the enthusiasm that I would have predicted several months ago.

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