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Life lessons and the unoccupied mind of Professor Kit Wellman

On Tuesday, April 21, Washington University philosophy professor Kit Wellman was asked to give his “Last Lecture.”

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In your dreams

Have you ever woken up and wondered, “Did that really just happen?” For literally hundreds of years it was generally accepted that having orgasms during sleep was a physiological occurrence reserved just for men. The experience, scientifically called “nocturnal emissions,” was colloquially dubbed “wet dreams”— a term that has obviously stuck around. It wasn’t until […]

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A self-declared feminist

During high school, if someone had asked me if I was a feminist, I would have conjured an image of a girl with chopped, untamed hair, baggy clothes and an angry disposition, ready to chew anyone out for being content with the world. And then I would have definitively replied NO. I knew girls who […]

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Playing spades with juvenile delinquents

By senior year, most students at Washington University have been to four activities fairs and participated, however briefly, in more than 10 extracurricular activities. We are flooded by opportunities to get involved, find our passions and contribute to our communities. I love this about our University; we do find time to prioritize something other than schoolwork and our social lives.

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Am I White Enough for You?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my roots. I grew up literally 10 minutes away from campus on Delmar Boulevard in University City. I went to the district’s public schools from pre-k to senior year, and I always had a lot of pride in my background. I loved telling people that I was part […]

A closer look at what it means to be rural

If you drive about an hour and a half outside of St. Louis, west on I-70 and North on Route 51 for nearly 50 miles, you’ll eventually start seeing signs for Pike County scattered between cornfields and dense patches of trees.

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VP debate: everybody wins!

Like nearly all of the undergraduate students on Washington University’s campus, this will be my first presidential election. It will be the first time I cast a ballot on election day; the first time I do real, committed research on the candidates; and the first time I will truly act as a citizen of the United States.

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Freezing showers: Stories from an energy conscious country

I remember the good ol’ days, the 20-minute scalding showers that left my skin red and the mirrors steamed, the lack of environmental consciousness and the freedom to not care.

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Just another Wash. U. Manor

Ever since the destruction of the building formerly known as Prince Hall, all of Wash. U. has watched with some degree of interest as a hole was created, expanded, made into a parking lot, and topped off with a new student center, officially the Danforth University Center.

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