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In defense of sexual objectification

As Gabe Cralley recently wrote in Student Life (last Monday, I believe), the posters for Sex Week promoted events using scantily-clad women “assaulting passersby with their bedroom eyes.” If I am reading his article correctly, he has a problem with the fact that only girls were being used to advertise Sex Week.

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Caffeine addiction is a real problem

At this stage of our lives, we are susceptible to many new choices that may lead to abuse. Being in stressful situations especially can bring about addictive behaviors—the mindlessness of action becomes soothing, and it can be comforting to not think too hard about something that seems to be working in the short term. Addiction is not limited to recreational drugs; it can be any substance that helps prop up bad habits.

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A proposal for revenue: alternate vending

While we aren’t running out of money yet, why not try to gain back some of our losses? In my opinion, a perfect way to do this can be described in two words: alternate vending.

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Embracing diversity in practice

People at Washington University talk a lot about diversity and how to foster it.  I’ve noticed this throughout my stay here. It’s safe to say that most people honestly crave the benefits diversity brings. However, if we truly want this, we need to figure out the difference between shallower multi-culturalism with its overtones of exoticism […]

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Online coursework still popular

Paying attention in the classroom is difficult enough, but paying attention during online courses—when students control when and where they study—may prove even more difficult.

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Textbook law protects students’ wallets

In response to growing concerns about high textbook prices, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt passed a bill that will require textbook manufacturers to be more transparent in their pricing. The bill, passed on Jun. 25, goes into effect on Aug. 28 and will force textbook manufacturers to publish precisely what information has been changed between revisions […]

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