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To shave or not to shave

While searching for an original undergraduate research topic for one of my classes, I figured that female pubic hair shaving tendencies on college campuses would be too taboo of a subject for researchers to have touched upon.

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Wash. U. problems signifies some problems

A recent StudLife column entitled, “#washuproblem? Get over it,” stirred up much criticism among Wash. U. students who have understandably taken a liking to this student-created Twitter/Facebook craze.

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Not another segregation article

We tend to eat dinner with those who look like us, and we feel inclined to join cultural groups with those who have similar backgrounds. To some, this may understandably bring to mind the term “segregation,” yet I believe the term “identity” is more fitting to the situation at hand.

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In response to ‘Wash. U. gone W.I.L.D.’

After leaving what I thought was a spectacular concert two Saturday nights ago, I couldn’t help but brag to my friends at other schools about not only W.I.L.D. in general, but especially our latest concert.

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