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Sunday, September 20th, 2009 | Steph Spera

Neil Patrick Harris is glorious.

I love when stars feign embarrassment as the camera pans on them.

Requisite Paula Abdul joke.

Jon Hamm you are gorgeous.

NPH – you are phenomenal, I put down the remote.

Funny bit on LOST. NPH, I’m feeling your monologue.

Yes, nice touch with the Kanye joke.

Hmm, this changing the stage thing is pretty cool.

Also, note, I love montages!

Yes! The fire scene from The Office!

And the scene with Jon Hamm and Liz Limmon! Perfect ending scene.

I would willingly be in a threesome with Tina Fey and Jon Hamm.

Jon Hamm. You are a god. Zeus himself sculpted you.

Way to go, Seth, with the F-bomb.

Okay, let’s just discuss how I can’t stop staring at Mr. Hamm. With your beautiful bowtie and your chiseled jaw…

Kristen Chenowith, you are fabulous.

What’s with the glasses! This is GREAT!!!

A monocle!

Okay, that threesome stands with Amy Poehler and Will Arnette too.

Vanessa Williams. I am sad about your lack of glasses!

Holy crap! Kristin, well-deserved!! You are adorable and hilarious and I would hire you despite looking like you fell into a pile of broken mirrors.

143 Pushing Daisies!!! We watched you!!

Emmy’s, I am really feeling this new format.

I am also enjoying the color commentating. Way to go PC!

Dear cast of How I Met Your Mother, I want to live your fictional life.

Also, the two baby mammas are lookin fine.

And dear Jason Segal, marry me.

Obviously, 30 rock, though, that was such a good episode. Liz Lemmon was a Mean Girl.

Haha, Matt Hubbard, majoring in history at Harvard, proving to all history majors you can do anything … if you go to Harvard.

Harlem Globetrotters, where have you been all my life, way to acknowledge the mediocrity of that joke, NPH.

Amy and Julia, you are all fabulous. Everyone is fabulous.

Tracy, win, just for the speech.

Duckie. Lame. Kevin Dillon is going to kick your ass in the parking lot.

Although, Jon Cryer, that was a good joke. And your sweater vest is hilarious.

Justin, I will make you laugh, I swear.

Bea Arthur, Repsect!

Sarah Silverman! You’re mustache is very dapper.

Toni Collette, well deserved! I’ve been a fan of you since Muriel’s Wedding. But, your speech was boring.

NPH, keep bringing up this Jon Cryer thing. I’m loving it.

Leighton and Blake, you don’t look as pretty as usual. And I feel better somehow.

Justin, you were the highlight of SNL last season, and I could just listen to Tina Fey talk forever.

That was a weird bit with the directors. Weird but enjoyable.

Rob Lowe, you have a grand jaw.

As much as I love Alec, I was hoping for Steve or Jermaine.

Lorne, this is your night.

Oh yes, 10 minutes have passed and this Family Guy joke is still going.

God, the reality award speeches are going to be the worst. And our TV Editor will actually punch a baby if Tom Bergeron gets recognized in any way.

Amazing Race, you proved that deaf people can be total tools too. Slash, Real Housewives of New Jersey, thank you for existing this summer, and making me never want to hear the word ‘bubbies’ again.

Hannah: Who’s the celebrity? The fringe on those pants is ridiculous.

What is this dance? If only you picked a better song. Pee break!

Babies, beware, reality show host category is up.

Oh, Jeff Probst – way to be a good sport about your fiasco as 1/5th of the host last year. (note, babies, you are safe.)

Probst, when you run out of islands in the South Pacific, just go on tour as a motivational speaker.

Tracy Morgan. Be everything I want you to be and more.

Tray, I love ya.

Amazing Race deaf kid, you are an ass.

Way to open that gracefully Tray. Also, 1 person reading this blog, Hannah Schwartz, TV Editor and I will be on the Amazing Race someday.

Finally, I can put a face to the name Bertram VanMunster.

Sadly, I have watched 0 mini series that do no involve the BBC and Jane Austen.

Way to go Grey Gardens guy, you are with it, with your topical awards show references. Sir, I don’t know your name, but you are giving a wonderful speech! There is a single tear running down my cheek.

Mad-Eye Moody!

Patricia Arquette, what in gods name is that on exoskeleton on your body.

The Accountants, everyone’s favorite part of the show.

Yes! Dr. Horrible. Okay, NPH, host everything on every channel forever. And Nathan Filion! This bit about the internet is actually clever.

Also, more good news, Eli Manning and the suckfest that are the Giants are currently getting beat by the Cowboys. Keep it up boys!

Jessica Lange – your shout out to Drew just makes her more adorable, and, look, Mac is here too.

Variety Category. These montages are great.

Coldplay and Viva la Vida, now we’re getting serious.

This category is just everything else that has ever appeared on tv that isn’t a drama or comedy or reality show.

Is his suit jacket leather?

What does that tractor even mean? Why is that a back-up plan?

Conan, that was cute. Oh my gosh, Billy Crystal, where have you been? I want another City Slickers 2.

Also, the writers of SNL are my age. Why aren’t I writing for SNL? If you’re reading this blog, don’t answer that.

Eli Manning, why were you in that commercial? I hate you.

Jimmy Fallon and autotune. Giggles.

The Muppetts! That Oscar opening number was intense.Please Flight of the Conchordss!!!!

Wow, this category is great.l JT is nominated all over the place.

Probably the only musical number I didn’t want to win….

Okay, new respect for you, self-depreciating guy, a joke and shout out to Flight of the Conchords.

Hannah (on Mr. Gervais): He should be knighted.

Ricky Gervais, my face hurts from smiling. You are brilliant. And your pseudo-feud with Steve Carrell is also magical.

So bowties are in. And I’m hoping Flansie is his dog.


Sam Waterston? You’re still on TV. What’s happening with robot insurance. And eww Katherine Heigel, there is a reason, and by a reason, I mean 37,401,471,431 reasons why you’re on our women we hate wall.


Also, note how short the Mad Men clip was because they are going to sweep this entire section.

Ben Linus won.

Hannah:  Ewww, I just saw Charlotte.

^I second that.

I only watch Lost and Mad Men. So, yeahhhh, supporting actress means nothing to me.

What’s happening? What’s gong on?

Obviously Sarah McLachlan to do what is to be the longest In Memoriam in Emmy history.

Paying respect. And crying. My tear ducts are leakier than average I think.

Hannah, as I’m crying: Who’s doing the doobiedumdum part? Seriously? It’s not Sarah.

Chewing gum, True Blood guy-not classy.

Michael J. Fox, you are truly an inspiration.

Matthew Weiner, you are all over the place.

And now on stage, making kidney transplant jokes.

In ten years, we’re going to look back at these glasses, and cry. Like Hannah said, they unknowingly followed the trend of the Best Supporting Actresses.

Peggssss!!!! My favorite Mad Men clip!

Cruella DeVille, seriously, I was rooting for you Betsy Moss.


Holy frick!! Jon Hamm lost – and looks sad.  And Frankie Muniz’ dad won. I should really start watching this show. I hear it’s wonderful. Well, at least AMC got a win.

The big 2! Drama and Comedy! And Bob Newhart! I love exclamation points.

The only thing better than Tina Fey making out with Jon Hamm has gotta be Tina Fey making out with Bob Newhart, who generating way more than just repsect-laughter.


“That was a nail biter.” Was that sarcastic? You are a goddess. Grizz and DotCom are up there! And Josh Gerard. The gang’s back together. I can’t wait til October 15th…

Sigourney Weaver, why are you here? And why isn’t there an alien popping out of your stomach? Sorry, that’s the only movie with Sigourney I’ve sat through – besides Baby Mama, but that was just a movie with Sigourney Weaver, not a Sigourney Weaver movie.

If Mad Men doesn’t win, I will freak, what a good theme song. (Also, anyone who’s ever seen Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, it’s eerily similar to their opening credits)

Elizabeth Moss and Fred Armisen are the most adorable couple. This is the most beautiful collection of people (minus Matthew Weiner) I have ever seen.

Where’s Ken Cosgrove? Where’ my boy?

NPH, you did a magnificent job. Okay, and now onto the multitudes of homework I put off this weekend. Cadenza, you are ruining my gpa.