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Why you Should Fight Tooth and Nail for Diwali Tickets

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 | Davis Sargeant

Diwali, Ashoka’s cultural show dedicated to celebrating the Festival of Lights, is at Edison Theatre this weekend. Friday and Saturday evening shows are sold out, but there are a little over a hundred tickets remaining for Saturday at noon. Why anyone needs persuasion to attend is beyond me, but here are the Top Seven Reasons for seeing Diwali.

7. You’ve got nothing better to do.
Really? You can think of something better to do this weekend than attend Diwali? The “Harry Potter” premiere is next weekend, and it’s not like a few hours less of studying will harm you significantly. Diwali is the best way to relax this weekend.

6. You can brag to the folks at home about how cultured you are.
College has many residual effects; one of them is certainly a higher sensitivity to cultural diversity. Diwali probably gives you a better exposure to South Asian culture than the Indian station in Bear’s Den or watching “Slumdog Millionaire” again (though admittedly it’s still an amazing movie).

5. You’ll fill your quota of lame jokes for the year.
Diwali also features a filler skit between each dance. Last year, the funniest joke consisted of Dopey the Dwarf’s t-shirt reading “Saint Louis University.” Otherwise, the jokes tend to hit the audience like a flat note. Afterward, when discussing the show with your friends, you’ll realize that the puns have a “so-bad-they’re-good” quality, and probably turn one or two of them into an inside joke.

4. Ashoka does a good job giving back to the community.
Diwali is a huge fundraiser for Ashoka, which contributes a lot to St. Louis. Not only do they raise South Asian awareness on campus and the surrounding community through events like Diwali and Holi, they serve Saint Louis through events like Gandhi Day of Service. Your money definitely goes to a good cause.

3. The costumes are amazing.
Before I get flak for being “an insensitive imperialist,” let me specify that a costume is anything intended to be worn on stage. And, yes, these costumes are indeed amazing. As they dance, the colors mesh into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope. Even if you don’t understand dance, like me, you can marvel at the craftsmanship of the traditional South Asian clothing.

2. You know at least 3 performers.
You may be related to Kevin Spacey in six degrees, but it’s a mathematical certainty that one measly degree separates you from someone in Diwali. Come see your friends pull off dance moves you never knew they had. After they amaze you, you’ll never look at them the same way again.

1. It’s fun; I guarantee it.
‘Nuff said.